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User:Dragontamer/IMO How to achieve my Wikibooks vision

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Just my opinions on how Wikibooks will become awesome. Basically, Policy should encourage...


  1. Welcoming atmosphere
  2. Allow newbies to make mistakes, while keeping Wikibooks clean.
  3. Inform newbies of mistakes without pissing them off
  4. Practice makes perfect. Allow newbies to work on pet wikibooks.


  1. Train or recruit a knowledgable publication team
  2. Each book should have a consistent style inside of it.
    1. Published books should be organized into series.
    2. Published books should be consistent with each other if part of a "series"


  1. No **** on the site. Keep site clean
  2. Low quality work should be cleaned up asap
  3. Stubs should be put away, and deleted eventually
  4. Inclusion policy needs to be more clear