• Blocking vandals and spammers. I have a burning passion towards vandals that have a similar scope of disruption on Wikimedia, for which I execute harsh action against. If you're one of these vandals, then this is a warning for you. Spammers usually get 6 months block unless they are created accounts, in which I indefinite block them with no talk page block template (FYI, I don't place a block template on spambots, but spammers have an exception to this rule of mine). I am harsh when it comes to spamming or any other inappropriate promotion, as I believe Wikimedia has no toleration towards those disruptive acts.

What I'm currently working on:

  • Wikijunior:Asia --> We got some help, thankfully... this project is about Asia and the countries of Asia. The intended audience for this book are minors, since this is a Wikijunior Book.
  • Wikijunior:Africa --> I'm usually expanding/creating pages for this book, though, I'm not that active.

More essays, of course ;-)

Planning to work onEdit
  • Islam related pages.
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