A TiddlyWiki Five syntax reference for everyone who needs it.



Cheat SheetsEdit

Editors OutlineEdit

My rough idea to give us a starting point :) -Arlen22 (talk) 22:19, 10 February 2017 (UTC)

/The BasicsEdit

  • Getting Started - Possibly just a link to
  • First steps - Creating, Editing, Saving using TiddlyFox and NodeJS.
  • Formatting -
  • Macros in WikiText
  • Styles and Classes (CSS)

/Exploring SyntaxEdit

  • Widgets
  • Block vs Inline
  • Transclusion & Templates

/Filters and OperatorsEdit

  • All the stuff that people have always wondered about this important subject.
  • If there are 42 variations of an operator, we should make sure people know them all, either by rote or by "phonics".
  • The idea is that we teach them the concept that filters use and how they work together.


  • Thinking of all the more advanced features of templating, which won't be explained in Exploring Syntax.

/Core IntegrationEdit

  • Ways to integrate with the core without hacking the core itself.

/Macros and Widgets in JavascriptEdit

  • Getting into the nuts and bolts - A basic overview of working with macros and widgets and a reference to TiddlyWiki for Developers.

/NodeJS Command LineEdit

  • Flesh out each of the commands and how they can be implemented using require(), not just via arguments.

/Cheat sheetsEdit

  • Formatting quick-reference
  • List of saver addons available