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I signed up here to start the RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home book.

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RAC Attack on EC2

  • Research
    • XEN/KVM virt doesn't seem possible on EC2 (which is xen-based)
    • LXC/VServer/OpenVZ containers don't support some kernel-level operations (modules, etc) - not sure if this would be a problem, but so much of clusterware runs as root... seems risky to me. also i think we lose a little of the teaching value since the setup becomes less and less like any possible real-life scenario.
    • QEMU is way slow - i don't think it's feasable
  • Currently I think UML is best bet
    • SCAS patches are not yet included in any kernels (ubuntu or vanilla)
      • Will try without patching host first, for simplicity. I think performance with guest-only SCAS will be sufficient for educational uses. (When I first started doing RAC on VMs it was before x86 instruction set even had virt extensions.)
    • Will use vnc more for graphical network install/kickstart
    • Thinking vncserver (not xhost) for graphical environment after startup
    • Include instructions for putty with port forwarding

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