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This page will not be maintained. It will have historical information. New updates are available in my blog on Russian only.

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Recently read books:Edit

  1. Frederick Forsyth "The Day of the Jackal" 100% - political detective.
  2. Winston Churchill "Muscles of the World" 100%
  3. Fridreich August fon Hayek "The way to slavery" 100% - political, social-philosophical essay.
  4. Karel Capek "First rescue team" 100 % - philosophical essay.
  5. Karel Capek "War with salamanders" 100 % - philosophy-political essay.
  6. Bernard Gerber "Ants" 100% - mix of elements of science fiction, the adventure novel and philosophical essay.
  7. Umberto Eco "L'isola del giorno prima" ("Island on the eve") 0% - I haven't mastered
  8. Umberto Eco ""Il pendolo di Foucault" " ("Foucault's pendulum") 100% - I don't like it
  9. Umberto Eco "In noma dela Rosa" ("In the name of the Rose") 100%

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Recommended books:Edit

  1. Oscar Wild "Dorian Grey's Portrait"
  2. George Orwell "1984"
  3. Strugatskich "Waves Extinguish a Wind"
  4. Strugatskich "Picnic on a Roadside"
  5. Jule Vern "Mysterious Island"
  6. Umberto Eco "In noma dela Rosa" ("In the name of the Rose") - for the philosphy books fan

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Planning to read (friend's recommendations):Edit

  1. Ken Kizi "Flight above a jack of a cuckoo".
  2. Paul Koelyo "Veronicas Decides To Die".
  3. Paul Koelyo "11 minutes".
  4. Paul Koelyo "Alchemist".
  5. Ernest Hemingway "After whom calls a bell?"
  6. "Adventures of Gallant Soldier Shvejk".
  7. Nabokov "Feat".
  8. Victor Hugo "The Person Whom are Dared ".
  9. George Orwell "Farmyard".
  10. T.Erenbugr. "Trest D.E."
  11. Summa Technologiae, S. Lem.

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