Usenet Explorer User's Manual/Features

This chapter lists all features of Usenet Explorer. It describes them globally and refers to more details in other parts of this manual, for instance to the section that explains how to start using the feature, or to the section in the User Interface part.




Virtual GroupsEdit


Custom CollectionsEdit

Custom Collections are ...


Header FilteringEdit


SSL SupportEdit

Fast and ReliableEdit

Indexing ServiceEdit

    *  Multiserver, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries

    * Greatly exceeds binary downloaders in terms of both reliability and performance

    * Capable of handling huge newsgroups easily

    * Virtual groups - combining headers from many groups in one window

    * Collections and files - convenient auto or custom grouping of binary and text posts in threaded view

    * Automation through AutoHeaders/Watch/Scheduler; extensive header filtering options

    * Processing nzb files and seamlessly integrating indexing services through an open interface

    * Extremely low memory consumption and processor usage

    * Flexible and extendable underlying framework, highly reliable and fault tolerant

    * Fully autonomous, no verification server or phoning home except for optional check for updates

    * Settings and database are contained in a single folder, doesn't use registry

    * Powerful freeware binary/text poster included

    * Built-in SSL support

    * Win95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista compatible