Urban Traffic Operations/VISSIM

VISSIM IntroductionEdit

VISSIM is a package used for transportation analysis and micro simulation. VISSIM provides various feautures to analyse different transportation models and produce results with traffic forecasts and simulations of traffic. It can model all modes of travel including all types of vehicles, public transport modes and pedestrainas. A detailed analysis of vehicles and network performance can be done using VISSIM. The models in VISSIM determines verious transportation problems like

  • Travel Time analysis
  • Service Time and Delay Analysis
  • Level of Service
  • Impact of Toll Booths and metered roads
  • Required number of lanes
  • Required number of toll booths etc.,

Micro SimulationEdit

VISSIM provides 3D visulizations of real time traffic. The analysed network can be transformed to real time elements by using various tools provided in vissim. The traffic simulation can be run by means of obtained results and the accident analysis, crash analysis, runnin time, congestions etc can be visulized in micro simulation. It is useful for testing of various Intelligent Transport Systems strategies like variable message sign boards, signal priorities, ramp metering, network analysis, corridor analysis and various control techniques that could be implemented in city traffic systems.

Applications of VISSIMEdit

There are vast applications of Vissim Software in Transportation and Urban Planning industries. The forecasting and modelling of future transport provides better planning strategies and retain for longer years. Some of the applications of VISSIM can be listed as follows:

  • Traffic Impact Assesment
  • Pedestraian Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Vehicle Simulation
  • Toll Plaza Evaluation
  • Multi Model Interchanges
  • Bus Rapid Transit Systems
  • Traffic Management
  • Wide Area Traffic Networks
  • Interchanges
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Logistic Hubs
  • Terminal Station Designs
  • Pedestrian Simulation

VISSIM can simulate traffic of major developed countries and developing countries. It can be diversely used for various transport systems following across the world.