Urban Forestry - An Introductory Text of Public and Private Urban Forest Management edit

Robert G. Underwood, Associate Professor of Forestry, Minot State University - Bottineau Campus, and all interested parties.

This is text for students at the freshman and sophomore college level. The scope and content will be based on statements made a few years ago by Dr. Alex Shigo, a noted USFS and private tree health researcher. Dr. Shigo remarked that it was impossible to cover all the material needed for an individual to most jobs during a short college career. He suggested that textbooks and courses needed to change to teaching awareness type materials. Students are made aware of the principles involved in the profession, but the details are left to be covered in the employers orientation and on-the-job training sessions. Each employer specializes in slightly different areas, the details of each company and setting will be too varied and specific to be covered in a college text.

With this in mind, I hope we can can create an urban forestry text that highlights the important concepts needed to get a sound start in both the public and private sectors of the "urban forest".

Chapters edit

  1. Definitions
  2. Evolution of the City

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