Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004
A guide to the fast paced multiplayer first-person shooter.

The third installment in the Unreal Tournament series of games, UT 2004 is radically different from many other multiplayer FPS games, in terms of sheer speed and other factors.

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This Section Deals with the various terms and symbols used in Unreal Tournament 2004. While some of the terms here are unique to the UT series, many terms are common in other such FPS games. Experienced FPS Players may want to skip this section.

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This chapter deals with all the very core basics every UT player must know. If you're new to UT, this is the section to go to. This section covers everything such as control, going around, overview etc.

This chapter deals with the variety of gametypes included in UT2004. This chapter also has gametype-specific help and tips.

This chapter deals with the variety of weapons in UT2004. This is a place to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 16 weapons in the game.

This chapter deals with the 4 different turrets found in the Assault gametype, and focuses on their advantages and disadvantages.

This chapter deals with the various vehicles in UT2004, one of the most anticipated new additions to the series. The chapter focuses on the controls, the advantages, disadvantages etc. regarding the vehicles.

This section contains all the tips that don't fall into any of the above category. These are mostly general tips and important for every Tournament player. If you're looking for how to improve your game, this is the place.

This section deals with the Multiplayer aspect of the game. It covers the various Internet terms used, the most popular maps and other frequently used questions regarding multiplayer. Also contains Multiplayer-exclusive tips.

The section lists the various cheats in UT2004, as well as their effects and how to activate them. This section also deals with the various tricks you can use in the game.

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