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United Nations History

United Nations History and How UN can become Independent from donations and manipulations

MeTable of contents

The flag of the United Nations

The League of Nations

  1. League Visualized
  2. League Formed
  3. Protocols of the League
  4. League Attacked

United Nations

  1. UN Formed
  2. Gladwyn Jebb
  3. Trygve Lie
  4. Dag Hammarskjöld
  5. U Thant
  6. Kurt Waldheim
  7. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
  8. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
  9. Kofi Annan
  10. Ban Ki-moon

New World Order (Onus Mundi)

  1. Order Visualized
  2. Global Government
  3. League of Democracies


How UN can sustain Herself and avoid manipulation from independent states. (Proposal)

Since the inception in October 1945, the UN has fall short in keeping world peace and global war has took another form. Today we see regional wars with hidden backing from the middle East, Africa, south America and Asia, leaving those in the security Council or the big five safe and profitable.

Today the term western has changed from being a geographical location to becoming a financial power and a willing individuals, cooperations and nations, since we can see people and nations even cooperations from the Arab world influencing the UN decisions like the case of Syria, Myanmar and even in Africa.

If and only if UN was or could be an organization that is independent of any nation, cooperations or individual, they can carry out decision swifter, better and very accurate, today we don't know what's the meaning of genocide, or what qualifies a genocidal case, how many persons of a particular race, culture etc should be killed before UN intervene or convey and emergency meeting to take action, not issuing a statement, because today that's what UN is good at. Currently there is killing of the anglophone population by the French government aided by Emmanuel Macron's government but all that the international organizations are doing is issuing press releases, even in a grievous refugees situation both internally and externally.

My proposal is; and this will be updated and I'm still writing the book aswell.

" UN should be given first choice in all nations where they are members of the organization. From recruitment, tenders, projects on all the major industries and more.

With this the organization will year after year to carry out constructive works in building the nations of the world and getting paid for it and would be able to run it own, military, carry out humanitarian works in cases of refugee, being able to crush hostile governments who would refuse to accept sanctions and walk by the laws set on them by the security Council or general assembly of the UN, run the administration division with the top administrators, have a cyber command center, permanent military bases across the world etc.

If they could consider looking into this, I will be willing to release my strategy with full details.

I really believe that by this UN can do her job better and fast in saving human lives instead of depending on donors with strings.

To me presently, the UN has failed more than the League of Nations. Its more than 60 years today, what can they really show as a success, unnecessary wars are everywhere, more people suffering, in crisis areas, nations are in permanent war like the case of Congo.

They have settled for providing aids instead of preventing crisis. It shouldn't be like this. Secretary general position is a bluff because the man can't even make an independent decision on nothing. It's not right. People should be allowed to do their jobs."

More information later.

My original book on this is called Structured Disaster (UN)