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This book will explain techniques you can use to find and win the item of your dreams, while advising the reader on how to avoid fraud and make the most of their experience throughout.

The first half of this book will concentrate on how to buy on eBay. Once you are experienced, you can move on to the second part of the book on selling.

Section I: BuyingEdit

Anticipated contents:

Introduction to Buying

Examining Listings and Searching

Understanding Item Descriptions and Pre-Purchase Considerations

Bid to Win: Tips and Techniques

Paying for Items Safely

If there is a problem

Leaving Feedback

Top 10 Tips

Section II: SellingEdit

Anticipated contents:

Introduction to Selling

What will and won't sell

Writing Good Descriptions

Considering Payment Methods

Considering Shipping Methods

The Tools of the Trade

Putting it all together and Making a Listing

Managing Questions

Receiving Payment

Sending the Item

If there is a problem

Leaving Feedback

Top 10 Tips