Understanding Darcs

Darcs is a distributed version control system. Being a distributed system, the darcs model is rather different from that of more popular systems like Git or Mercurial and these differences take some time getting used to. One of our goals in writing this guide is to help you get a better grasp of the darcs model. We also hope to provide a useful supplementary guide to using darcs, one which is oriented towards tasks you might like to accomplish and makes heavy use of walked-through examples. For curious users and potential darcs developers, we would like to provide you with a friendly introduction to patch theory and the recent work on using a notion of conflictors to correct the current flaws in patch theory.

The guide
  1. Getting started
  2. Making changes
  3. Working with others
  4. Reviewing your work
  5. Undoing mistakes
  6. Dealing with conflicts
Patch theory and conflicts
  1. An introduction to patch theory
  2. Intermediary patch theory
  3. Patch theory and conflicts

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