Umbraco/Plugins And Extensions/TextGen Flat

Flat URL's for TextGen.aspxEdit

An Umbraco plugin that allows use of /umraco/TextGen.aspx via flat URL's.


The plugin can be downloaded from

  • Copy the DLL's to your Umbraco bin directory.
  • Add /TextGen to the key umbracoReservedPaths in web.config (this var is a comma delimited list).
  • Add the following three keys to your web.config
	<add key="fmEnableDebugging" value="false"/>
	<add key="fmDebugPath" value="C:\TEMP"/>
	<add key="fmTextGenRequestPath" value="/TextGen"/>

You can configure debugging to be on or off as you wish. If the debug path is not found System.IO.Path.GetTempPath() will be used.

To change the flat URL prefix to call TextGen.aspx with, substitutr /TextGen in steps 2 and three for a prefix of your own choice.

4. Add a httpModules section as a child of system.web as follows (append if you already have this section).

		<add type="FergusonMoriyama.TextGenRewrite,FergusonMoriyamaTextGenRewrite" name="TextGenRewrite" />


You can now generate an image using a flat url as follows:

	<img src="/textgen/This%20is%20a%20pen/arial/48/000000/ff0000/1.aspx">

The url segments of the parameter are the parameters to textgen.aspx. and are pretty much self explanatory.


Please mail me at df at darren hyphen ferguson dot com if you encounter any bugs or issues.