Umbraco/Plugins And Extensions/Language Packs

Language PacksEdit

The interface language in umbraco can be extended by editing small xml files and placing them in the /umbraco/config/lang folder.

The following languages can be downloaded from (besides the default english language)

  • German - Translated by Christian Langreiter
  • Italian - Translated by Stevie B. Gibson
  • Spanish - Translated by Gustavo Martinez
  • Dutch - Translated by Boris Leenaars
  • Danish - Translated by Niels Hartvig / umbraco
  • Swedish - Translated by Toft Stade
  • Portuguese/Brazil - Translated by George Justo / KnowledgeCenter
  • Norwegian - Translated by Thøger Amundsen / Doorway Consulting

There are also alternate language packs that have been translated or modified by Umbraco users.