Umbraco/Plugins And Extensions/Foldout Menu

Foldout MenuEdit

From you can download a foldout menu

The readme

1. Copy tree.js into your root dir

2. Copy minus.gif and plus.gif into /images/

3. Go to Umbraco developer section and create a macro and xslt node.

4. Paste in the Menu.xslt code into your new xslt node

5. Insert the macro in your template and it should work

end of readme

Note. Inside the xslt You need to change 1045 to your the topnode id? The node id is where the Menu should start. You can find the ID, by holding the mouse over the node in umbraco, and looking in your browsers status-line. You should see javascript:openContent(1045), where 1045 is the node-id. You can also look it up in your database, in the table cmsDocument

Also to inlcude the tree.js file to your <header>. and at last add a doc.gif file to images