• Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2000 or higher), MySQL, VistaDB.

To be able to edit content with a rich text editor, you have to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+. There are plans to make the umbraco backend cross-plattform compatible, see

Existing installation tutorialsEdit

Claus Nedergaard has produced a detailed guide on Installing Umbraco on Windows XP Professional

Kasper Bumbech has a screencast on installing umbraco windows server 2003: Installing umbraco on windows server 2003

Brian Dickens has a tutorial on connecting to the Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Express MSQL 2005 Setup

Jon Webb has a tutorial on installing Umbraco on a Plesk shared host: Installing v4.0.0 on a Plesk shared host

Post installEdit

You may wish to employ a method to disable the output of Debugging information when you install a production instance of Umbraco. See the Reference section for more details.