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Purpose of this bookEdit

This book has the purpose to illustrate:

  • What the basics of the game are.
  • How a beginner can learn the basics of the game.
  • How a coach can teach the basics of the game to a team of beginners.

Intended audienceEdit

The intended audience for this is for people of all ages interested in Ultimate Frisbee.

Spirit of the gameEdit



"What?!", I hear you cry, "people actually call this a sport?" Well, yes. Now, the basic rules of Ultimate, are remarkable simple. It is only when you delve a little deeper that things start to get complicated. But all things in good time, and here is the general gist of the game for a total ultimate newbie;

Pitch DiagramEdit

Diagram of an Ultimate pitch.

The RulesEdit

  • There are two teams on the pitch at any one time, playing in opposite directions, with one disc.
  • 7 players on each team on the pitch at any one time outdoors, 5 indoors.
  • You cannot travel bipedally or any other way when holding the disc.
  • The disc may be thrown in any direction.
  • If the disc is dropped/not caught/intercepted/stalled out (see below) then possession of the disc goes to the other team.
  • At either end of the pitch there are the End Zones.
  • To score one point you must be in the oppositions' End Zone and catch the disc.
  • When each point is scored then the teams swap directions.
  • The disc cannot be held for more than 10 seconds at a time outside, 8 inside.
  • If the indicated number of seconds is reached without release of the disc, then that is a Stall Out, possession changes.
  • All games are self adjudicated, no referees. Disputes must be solved between the players involved.
  • If a dispute is not resolved, then that play is reset.



Forehand infographic



Basic drills

Run toEdit

Cut toEdit



Basic tactics

Stack offenceEdit

Stack diagram

Flat-stack offenceEdit

Man defenceEdit

Zone defenceEdit


Leapfrog diagram