Turkmen/Lesson One/Exercise


TurkmenEnglish edit

Translate the phrases below from Turkmen to English. All vocabulary has previously been covered.

  1. Onyň ejesi.
  2. Siziň itiňiz.
  3. Biziň gyzymyz.
  4. Meniň kakam.
  5. Olaryň gülü.
  6. Seniň balykyň.
  7. Onyň oglany.
  8. Gurbagamyz.
  9. Guşuň.
  10. Adym Sona.

Check your answers here.

EnglishTurkmen edit

Translate the phrases below from English to Turkmen. Any vocabulary not previously covered is given. Also remember that pronouns don't have to be used.

  1. Your (sing.) face.[1]
  2. My television.
  3. Their dog.
  4. Your (pl.) flower.
  5. His radio.
  6. Her hand.[2]
  7. Our (pl.) hair.[3]
  8. Their snake.
  9. My name is Oguldurdy.
  10. My father's name is Murat.

Vocab edit

  1. face = ýüz
  2. hand = el
  3. hair = saç

Check your answers here.

Conversation edit

By this stage you should be able to fully comprehend the conversation between Murat and Bahargül. Let's take another look at it:

Murat: Salam!
Bahargül: Salam.
Murat: Siziň adyňyz näme?
Bahargül: Meniň adym Bahargül. Siziň adyňyz näme?
Murat: Meniň adym Murat.

Now translate it into English. When you're done, check your answer here.

Solutions edit

Turkmen → English
  1. His/her/it's mother.
  2. Your dog.
  3. Our girl.
  4. My father.
  5. Their flower.
  6. Your fish.
  7. His boy.
  8. Our frog.
  9. Your bird.
  10. My name is Sona.
English → Turkmen
NOTE: The answers below have been given with their respective pronouns, but you still get the mark even if you haven't used any pronouns, even in the last question, which could simply just be Kakamyň ady Murat.
  1. Seniň ýüzüň.
  2. Meniň telewizorum.
  3. Olaryň iti.
  4. Siziň gülüňüz.
  5. Onyň radiosu.
  6. Onyň eli.
  7. Biziň saçymyz.
  8. Olaryň ýylaňy.
  9. Meniň adym Oguldurdy.
  10. Meniň kakamyň ady Murat.

Murat: Hello! Bahargül: Hello. Murat: What is your name? Bahargül: My name is Bahargül. What is your name? Murat: My name is Murat.