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Getting Started

What is TripleAEdit

TripleA is a turn-based strategy game engine. TripleA games involve various scenarios between world powers depicted on maps of varying size and complexity. Many maps for individual games are historical, being primarily based on relative strength and position of world powers leading up to the Second World War. Some maps are more fantasy oriented or based on non historical scenarios.

TripleA comes with multiple maps and over 100 more maps can be downloaded from the user community. TripleA supports single player vs AI, hot-seat, Play by Email, and a hosted online lobby. TripleA is Free Software, and is released under the GPL.

How to Install TripleAEdit

GitHub is the host location for the TripleA project and TripleA can be downloaded here.

Version 1.3 and later comes with the following maps:
  1. Big World:1942 (includes 2 scenarios which are mostly the same scenario but use v2 and v3 rules respectively)
  2. Great War
  3. Capture the Flag
  4. Minimap
  5. New World Order
  6. Pact of Steel
  7. Napoleonic Empires
  8. Middle Earth

The InterfaceEdit

The main menu for Triple A is the first window seen when the program is initiated. In the top left hand corner, TripleA displays the details of the currently loaded game. These include: Game Name; Game Version; Game Round; and File Name of the current game.

Choose Game

This button allows the player to change the existing game (displayed next to Game Name) to another game. This button launches a second window displaying the games available in the left column, along with a brief description of each. Select the desired game by clicking with the left mouse key and hitting OK. Click Cancel to close the window without making any changes to the current game.

Load Saved Game

Hit the Load Saved Game button to return to a previously saved game. Loading a saved game returns a game's territories, forces, turn round, and technologies to the in game saved position. NOTE: Loading a previously saved game does not retain who previously controlled each world power. Selections on who controls each world power must again be made once a game in initiated. This is true both as to human opponents and as to AI opponents.

Saved games typically have the filename extension ".tsvg". Player designated saves can be made using any name that includes the .tsvg filename extension.

TripleA has an automatic autosave and additionally separately saves for each even and odd numbered turn. Respectively, these are named: autosave.tsvg; autosave_round_even.tsvg; autosave_round_odd.tsvg.

Battle CalculatorEdit

The Battle Calculator is used to calculate probability of winning a battle, along with the average result. There are three ways of starting the Battle Calculator:

  • Pressing Ctrl-B while hovering over a territory
  • Clicking the button in the territory tab
  • Opening the calculator from the menu bar


On the right of the screen, click on word "Stats". Below you will find a table with current states of all countries: PUs, Production, Number of units, Total Unit Value, Victory Conditions( that is an automatic way of finding the winning side: it counts the territories marked by stars (that are considered strategically important) ocupied by that country)

History Battle casualtyEdit

At any time you can enter into history mode by going to the top manu "Game"-> "Show history". Game history will be shown on the left. You can click on the "+" on the left of the "Combat" phase; double-click on a particular combat below, than on the "Battle casualty summary" below. On the left side of the screen select "History" if it's not already selected. On the left of the screen you should see the value of the battle casualty. That is the sum of the PU values of defending units minus the sum of the PU values of attacking units.

Edit modeEdit

Edit mode is used to make live changes to the current game, such as changing the owner of a territory or adding/removing units from the map. To get to edit mode, from the top menu select Game -> Enable Edit Mode. Than use the menu on the right of the screen to make the edits("edit" submenu on the right has to be selected).

Playing against the Artificial Intelligence (AI)Edit

When starting a game, (see Starting your first game chapter) before clicking Play you can change the player of any country. On the right of any country, the player is written. "Human" by default. Click on it, and you can select from three levels of AIs.

  • E.Z. Fodder (AI) is the weakest AI.
  • Moore N. Able (AI) is the best AI.
  • Dynamix (AI) is a Land-Only AI that is still in Beta development (it will not move any ships). It can also be customized to "cheat".
Customizing the Dynamix AIEdit

Start a game with a Dynamix AI. After starting the game, from the top menu click on Game->Change Dynamix AI Settings. On the top of the new window you can see "AI Cheating". Just select the way you want to allow Dynamix AI to cheat. However, Dynamix AI will not cheat at every turn.

Basic Rules

Basic Rules (using Big World as an example)Edit

The Game Board (Game Setup, Territories, and common Territory properties)Edit

Turn Order and Sequence of Play OverviewEdit

Big World:1942 rules.version.3 - The world powers in turn order and their capitals;
  • Russia - Moscow
  • Germany - Eastern Germany
  • Britain - England
  • Italy - Italy
  • China - Western Sinkiang
  • Japan - Southern Japan
  • USA - Northeastern United States
A turn for a world power is broken up into the following phases:
  • Tech Roll (if the option is enabled)
  • Purchase Units
  • Combat move
  • Non-combat move
  • Place units
  • Collect income

Starting your first GameEdit

Click "Start Local Game" on the first menu screen after launching tripleA, then click "Choose Game..." select "Big World:1942" from the game list and click OK. Note there is an options tab that will bring up a menu of options and variations to the game rules (detailed later). Click play and the map should appear.

On the Big World map, the allies are Russia, UK, China and the USA. The axis are Germany, Japan and Italy. Play continues until either one side surrenders or a certain number of victory cities are captured by one side. The number of victory cities is an option, from (in Big World) 14 victory cities for 'projection of power' to 17 victory cities, 'total victory'. The allies start with 12 victory cities while the axis start with 9. Typically an opponent will surrender well before the victory city condition is met.

Game-play proceeds one round at a time, wherein each country has a turn to move. The order of turns is fixed and depends upon the map version, in Big World the turn order is: Russia, Germany, UK, Italy, China, Japan, and then USA.

If you just started the game, you most probably are in Russian Tech Roll. This phase will be explained later, so just press done.


Now you just entered "purchase Units" phase.

Each unit you can purchase is in a box. On the top left box of the window, you can see infantry. Below the word Infantry, you can see the symbol used for infantry on the map, on the right of the symbol, you can see "X 3". that means every infantry costs 3 PUs (Production Units). Below the infantry symbol, you can see "1/2/1". Those are the characteristics of infantry: first number is the attack, second is for defense, third is the movement. Below the characteristics, there is a number and two sets of up/down arrows. The number represents the amount of infantry you are purchasing, first set of up/down arrows is used to increase/decrease number of infantry purchased by 1. (Second set of up/down arrows is used to get the number of infantry purchased at maximum or at 0).

Factories are used to place units. aaGun stands for Anti-Aircraft Gun. Your total PUs available are written below the boxes with the units

After selecting the units you want to purchase, you click Done. Then, on the right side of the screen, you have the option of changing your choice, or to press "Done" to get to the next phase.

Combat MoveEdit

There are two ways of moving units:

  • click on the unit you want to move and then click on the territory you want to move the unit to.
  • click on the territory you want to move units from (but not on a particular unit). A window appears where you select units you want to move, click OK, than click on the territory you want to move the units to.

To view another area of the map, you can click on the top/left World map. That brings the enlarged map to the region you clicked to.

Combat only occurs if you move your units in enemy controlled territory so you can also make non-combat moves during combat move phase i.e moves into allied territory.


Click on the "Battle in (name of territory)" on the right side of the screen. A new window will appear for the combat. On the top of the new window you can see the attacking units (left) and the defending units (right). Units are ordered according to their attacking value. Each attacking artillery enhances the attack of one infantry by one. So you will see infantry attacking at 1 or 2 depending how many artilleries you attack with.

  • Dice are rolled for attacking units. (see Low Luck chapter below)
  • Defender selects casualties. If all defending units die, then automatically all defending units are selected. Otherwise defender has to click on the bottom bar of the window (or press space), select casualties on the new window(units with lowest defence are selected by default), press Ok.
  • Dice are rolled for defending units.
  • Attacker selects casualties. (same as for defender)
  • Selected casualties are removed for both attacker and defender.
  • Attacker have the option of retreating. (if some ground units attacked from sea transports, you can't retreat, or you can only retreat air units).

If attacker has chosen to retreat, a new window appears to select where you want to retreat. All remaining ground units have to be retreated to the same territory. You can retreat to any territory of which at least one ground unit was used in the attack. Press Ok after selecting territory to retreat.

If attacker has chosen not to retreat, dice are rolled again as above.

Non-Combat MoveEdit

Units can be moved also during non-combat moves on some conditions:

  • moves must not result in combats; they have to be moved on allied territory
  • unit must not have been used for attacking (with the exception of air units)

Note: air units cannot land on newly conquered territories (territories taken this round)

  • unit must have remaining moves (if it was used for a non-combat move during "combat moves phase")

Place UnitsEdit

You can place the units you bought at the beginning of the turn. Units can only be placed on a territory if there's a factory on that territory, and only if you owned the territory at the beginning of the turn. On a territory you cannot place more units than the PU value of that territory. (the number written on the map below the name of the territory). You cannot place units on a factory that was purchased in the same turn.

End Turn and Collect IncomeEdit

The turn ends and you collect income.

Income is generated by territories: for every territory you control at the end of the turn, the PU (Production Unit) of that territory is added.

With the end of this turn the next country starts its turn.

Units and their Special Abilities Overview

Basic UnitsEdit

The unit stats and special abilities here are Revised and later from a well known period game. Consult the game notes for the map you are playing (Help -> Game Notes...) for specifics. The 'Attacks at' and 'Defends at' combat values determine the chance the unit will score a hit in a round of combat. For each unit in combat, a six-sided die is rolled. If the result is less than or equal to the combat value, then it is a hit. Otherwise it is a miss. For example, when defending, infantry defends at 2. A roll of 1 or 2 would be a hit and a roll of 3-6 would be a miss.

Name Attacks at Defends at Movement Special Abilities
Infantry 1 2 1
Artillery 2 2 1 When attacking with an infantry unit, that infantry unit will hit on 1 or 2 instead of just 1.
Tank 3 3 2 Can 'Blitz' through an empty, enemy-controlled territory with its first movement point and move on to another territory with its second movement point.
Fighter 3 4 4 Can land on Aircraft Carriers.
Bomber 4 1 6 Can also strategically bomb industrial complexes.
Submarine 2 2 2 Shoots before other units in combat. Casualties caused by Submarines do not get to return fire. Can submerge at any time (including before a battle begins). Can move past hostile ships but does not block hostile ships.
Transport 0 0 2 Can carry any one land unit, plus one infantry. See Revised Edition cargo rules. Does not fire in combat, and chosen as a casualty only if there are no other eligible units.
Destroyer 2 2 2 Negates all enemy Submarine special abilities when in the same territory as an enemy Submarine.
Cruiser 3 3 2 Can conduct shore bombardment in amphibious invasions.
Aircraft Carrier 1 2 2 Can carry two Fighters.
Battleship 4 4 2 Can conduct shore bombardment during amphibious attacks (when land units on transports unload to attack a territory). In most versions it takes 2 hits to destroy a Battleship.

Walkthrough of a game turn

Walk-Through of a game turn (using Big World as an example)Edit

  • A scenario loosely based on the year 1942 of the global conflict of 1939-1945.
  1. In the Pacific, Japan has expanded explosively but faces a turning point at Midway (May 1942).
  2. In Europe, Germany has been halted at the gates of Moscow but sill has Leningrad besieged and is on the verge of defeat at Stalingrad (Dec 1942).

Advanced Rules

Advanced rulesEdit

  • While in any game, you can click on the top menu at Help->Game notes to see maps creator notes about the map

Game optionsEdit

Big World:1942
external options
v2 rules v3 rules ?
Projection of Power Projection of Power ?
Honorable Surrender Honorable Surrender ?
Total Victory     Total Victory ?
Low Luck Low Luck ?
Low Luck For Anti-Aircraft Low Luck For Anti-Aircraft ?
Low Luck For Technology Low Luck For Technology ?
Low Luck For Bombing and Territory Damage Low Luck For Bombing and Territory Damage ?
Battleships repair at end of round     Battleships repair at end of round ?
Battleships repair at beginning of round Battleships repair at beginning of round ?
Tech Development     Tech Development ?
Super Sub Defense Bonus Super Sub Defense Bonus ?
LHTR Heavy Bombers   LHTR Heavy Bombers ?
Always on AA   Always on AA ?
Kamikaze Airplanes Kamikaze Airplanes ?
Neutral Flyover Allowed Neutral Flyover Allowed ?
disparate external options
Move existing fighters to new carriers ?
  National Objectives ?
Neutrals are Blitzable ?
Territory Turn Limit   ?
LHTR Carrier production ?
disparate internal options
big_world_1942.xml Big_World_1942_v3rules.xml ?
  Neutrals are Blitzable ?
Territory Turn Limit ?
LHTR Carrier production ?
Move existing fighters to new carriers   ?
National Objectives X ?
internal options
big_world_1942.xml Big_World_1942_v3rules.xml ?
WW2V2   X WW2V2 ?
Limit SBR Damage To Factory Production Limit SBR Damage To Factory Production ?
LHTR Tech Activation   LHTR Tech Activation ?
WW2V3 X WW2V3 ?
Submarine may submerge before battle Submarine may submerge before battle ?
Unplaced units live when not placed   Unplaced units live when not placed ?
Damage From Bombing Done To Units Instead Of Territories   Damage From Bombing Done To Units Instead Of Territories ?
attachTo="transport" name="defense" value="0"   attachTo="transport" name="defense" value="0" ?
attachTo="transport" name="defense" value="1"   attachTo="transport" name="defense" value="1" ?


If one side is considered to be disadvantaged, it can be offered a bid. A bid is represented by some PUs that a country can buy units and place them before the game begins. Some players settle two more rules for bids: only one unit per territory. And you can only place units in a territory you already have units.

Players over the lobby say the bid they need to take the disadvantaged side, and the ones with the lowest bid requirement take it.

Low LuckEdit

Low luck is an option that affects how many casualties are inflicted during each round of combat. You cannot change it during a game except by saving and reloading. To turn it on or off, when you start a game, after selecting the map with the "Choose Game ..." button, click on "Game Options" to then turn it on or off in the list of options.

Games are either low luck or dice, dice is typically the default. In a dice game, one die is rolled for every unit in combat to determine if they hit or miss. There is less variability in a low luck game and up to one die is rolled during combat regardless of how many units are attacking or defending.

Low luck calculates the number of casualties by summing the total attack value (or defensive value) and then dividing by six by to find the statistical expected number of hits. One die is then rolled to determine if the reminder is a hit or not. The remainder or lower becomes the number to roll for an extra hit.

For example, if 3 infantry are attacking they have a total attack value of 3. Three divided by six is zero with a remainder of three. Thus, three infantry on attack would roll one die, a one, two, or three would be a hit. As another example, six infantry attacking would get exactly one hit. Since the remainder is zero, no die at all would be rolled. Finally, if eight infantry were attacking three tanks, the infantry would get one hit and a roll hitting on a one or a two. The tanks would also get one hit and also an extra hit if they roll a one, two, or a three. Note, that in the last example each side is guaranteed one hit, and can possibly get two. Contrast this to dice where the infantry could get anywhere from zero to eight hits, and the tanks could also have anywhere from zero to three hits.

Two hit battleshipEdit

As the feature title indicates, a battleship would take one hit as damage and the second hit would sink it. If a battleship only takes one hit damage it gets repaired either at the end of the turn or the end of the round. Some games include shipping ports where the damaged ship must reach before getting repaired.

Battleships repair at end of roundEdit

If any two-hit unit takes damage but still lives (only takes one hit damage) it gets repaired at the end of the current turn.

Always on AA gunsEdit

Always on AA causes Anti-aircraft guns to fire whenever the territory is passed over, even during non combat movement.

Kamikaze AirplanesEdit

If on, then the game attempts to ignore movement rules concerning aircraft. (meaning that you do not need somewhere to land).

LHTR Tech Activation = Restricted Tech ActivationEdit

New technology activates at end of round

LHTR Heavy Bomber = Restricted Heavy BomberEdit

Always roll two dice
  • attack - use the better result of the two dice
  • strategic bombing raid (SBR) - use the better result of the two dice and add +1 to determine damage

LHTR Carrier production = rules.version.3 Carrier productionEdit

This option allows the player to produce/land Fighters on new/existing Aircraft Carriers.

It causes the following behaviors:
  1. New fighters can be placed on existing carriers
  2. New fighters can be placed on new carriers
  3. Existing fighters can be landed on new carriers
  4. Fighters adjacent to the production SZ CANNOT be moved to new carriers

National ObjectivesEdit

Only available in v3 rules

  • If certain conditions (National Objectives) are met, countries can get an added income.(you can see in map's description details about them)
Big World:1942 v3 National Objectives
+5 if no non-Soviet Allied units on Russian territories
+5 if Allied control 5 in 7 of: Novgorod, Western Russia, Southern Russia, Baltic States, Belorussia, Ukraine, Eastern Poland
+5 if Allies control 4 of: Norway, Finland, Western Poland, Hungary-Romania, Austria-Czechoslovakia, Balkans
+5 if Axis control all of: France, Western Germany, Eastern Germany, Western Poland, Austria-Czechoslovakia, Hungary-Romania
+5 if Axis control all of: Baltic States, Eastern Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine
+5 if Axis control Leningrad or Stalingrad
+5 if Allies control all of: Eastern Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Bombay, New South Wales, Southern Africa
+5 if Allies control 1 of: France, Vichy France, Balkans, Macedonia
+5 if Allies control 2 of: New Guinea, French Indo-China, Thai-Malay, Sumatra, Java, Iwo Jima, Northern Japan, Southern Japan, Okinawa
+5 if no Allied surface ships in Mediteranean and axis control all of: Italy, Sicily, Macedonia, Balkans, Morocco, Algeria, Libya
+5 if Axis control 4 of: Egypt, Syria, France, Vichy France, Gibraltar
+5 if Allies control all of: Western Sinkiang, Eastern Sinkiang, Kansu, Szechwan
+5 if Allies control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, Kwangtung
+5 if Axis control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, French Indo-China, Thai-Malay
+5 if Axis control 8 in 10 (6 of 10 in June 1942) of: Kwangtung, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, North Philippines, South Philippines, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Okinawa
+5 if Axis control 2 of: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, New South Wales, Queensland, Bombay, Calcutta
+5 if Allies control 5 territories of US main land (excluding Alaska).
+5 if Allies control France and Vichy France
+5 if Allies control all of: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sicily
+5 if Allies control North and South Philippines
+5 if Allies control 5 of 7 Islands: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, Wake, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam, New Guinea

Technology developmentEdit

Countries can invest money in a chance of improving their technology (every chance costs 5 PUs and it's worth 1/6 chance of getting a new technology. Investing in technology is done during the "Tech Rolls" phase of the turn.

Heavy bombersEdit

Improves bombers:

  • if LHTR is off bombers roll multiple times (usually 2 or 3), just like 3 bombers.(one bomber can hit multiple targets)
  • if LHTR is on, bombers roll twice or three times (depending on map/option), the biggest value is chosen and 1 is added. The result is the attack value of the bomber.
Industrial TechnologyEdit

Only available in v2 rules

  • Lowers the price of each unit by 1. Lowers price of factories by half.
Industrial Tech is considered an ‘optional technology’ and both players must agree to allow this tech before the game starts, otherwise it should not be researched.

Version RulesEdit

Different rules apply, depending on the map. Some maps are made with version 2 rules (v2), others v3 or v4.

Rules for all versionsEdit

  • Subs can sneak attack. That means they can pass an enemy occupied sea zone and attack the next (an enemy destroyer prevents it).

Version 2 rulesEdit

Example of map "Big World 1942" is based on v2 rules

  • Unlucky technology development dice are lost
  • Sea transports defend at 1
  • Submarines can submerge after first attacker/defender roll. So an attacking fighter still has a chance of hitting a sub before it is able to submerge. Enemy destroyer stop subs from submerging.

Version 3 rulesEdit

Example of map "Big World 1942 v3" is based on v3 rules

  • Unlucky technology development dice are rolled again next round until a technology is found.
  • Sea transports do not defend. Neither can they be selected as casualties. They are just lost if enemy wins the sea zone. For example a bomber can defeat an infinite amount of unguarded transports.
  • Submarines can submerge before any roll. So an attacking fighter has no chance of hitting a submarine, unless a destroyer prevents it from submerging.
  • bombers during strategic bombing do not destroy enemy PUs, but it damages the factory. Enemy will have to spend money to repair his factory or else he will be able to place less units in that factory.

Version 4 rulesEdit

I believe "World War II v4" is the only map based on v4 rules. Version 4 rules are the same with v3, but the map is different (it's v2 revised map). National Objectives were removed.

Chart viewEdit

Rule Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4
Tech development rolls every turn until success
Sea transports defend
Submarines can only be attacked with destroyer
Strategic Bombing damages factory instead of destroying PUs directly
National Objectives option available
Unplaced units live when not placed

The following chart shows if fighters can be placed (in place units phase) directly on new/old carriers.(if adjacent territory has factory). Also if fighters from an adjacent territory can be dragged on new carriers. (if you want to drag two fighters on one carrier, both fighters have to be on the same territory.)

Some maps allow the customization of these rules by clicking "game options" after choosing the map and before starting the game.

Version 1 Version 2 & 4 Version 3 & LHTR
New carriers Old carriers New carriers Old carriers New carriers Old carriers
New fighters
Old fighters Always
See Note
See Note

Note: The way of placing old fighters on new carriers is different: Fighters have to be moved during combat or non-combat moves phases on the sea zone the carrier will be placed. A note will appear that air in the sea zone can't land. You have to click End Move Phase. Placing the carrier in that sea zone saves the fighters. This is only available for v3 and v4.

  • In version 2 fighters have to be on one adjacent territory; they will be "dragged" onto the carrier.

Play by Mail

Play by Mail is also shortened as PBEM.

After starting tripleA, click on "Start PBEM game". From "Load Saved Game" you can load the saved your partner sent you by mail, or from "Choose Game" select your new game. There are different Dice Servers:

  • for the first one you have to enter your email and your partner's at the To and CC fields on top. Then play and at the end of your turn you save and send the saved to your partner by mail. The Dice server will send an email containing the result of every dice rolled to the emails you provided. It might flood your email with such mails.
  • the second dice server (the one containing web word in it) just stores the rolled values on the internet, which you can check using the game's unique code (you can find instructions in the fields where the e-mails would have been written for the previous server)

Play on the Lobby

Play on the lobbyEdit

After starting TripleA, click on "Find Games Online on the Lobby Server". On the Login Screen you have two options:

  • Create Account, using the Create Account button
  • login anonymously choose a username that hasn't been taken so far, then switch "Login Anonymously ?" on. You will no longer be required to make an account, but anyone can login with the same username.

On the lobby, on the right side you can see all the users currently online. Some of them have a comment near their username (such as afk=away from keyboard etc) to set a comment near your username, click on "Status" located on the bottom right of the screen. If you have a partner that is online, you can call for his attention by "slapping" him (right-click on their username on the right of the screen and click on slap He will be noted that you slapped him even if he is in a game. Other users will not see the "slapping")

on the bottom left it's a messenger type window. You can post messages there.

On the top left side are listed the current games. At Status you can see if game is in progress or host is waiting for players. To join a game, select a game from the list and click "Join Game" from below the list. You can watch other people's games and learn from them. Rarely games are protected by passwords.

You can host a game by clicking "Host Game". In the "comment" field you can write a comment such as game options or your level of experience on that map to find appropriate partners.

If you can't host, it's most probably because of your router. It can be solved by changing router settings and open a port (port forwarding).


Generally players like to win. If you are losing, it is nice to give them satisfaction by not abandoning. Surrendering and telling them they play well is an option.

However, it's nice to surrender when you no longer have any chance of winning and game gets boring.


The original developer for the TripleA Game Engine is Sean G Bridges.

The current developers are: Mark Christopher Duncan (veqryn), Edwin Van Der Wal, and Frigoref.



Larry Harris Tournament Rules (LHTR)Edit

On July 26, 2007 the Larry Harris Tournament Rules version 2.0 were released. LHTR 2.0 are a set off rules for Axis & Allies Revised that are commonly used in tournaments and other game play. The rules were created by Larry Harris, the creator of Axis & Allies and has additionally been worked on by several players and tournament game masters. The objective of the LHTR rules are to clarify existing rules and re-work other rules to help game balance while still maintaining the spirit of the game.

Industrial Technology House RulesEdit

In the original game, this technology made all units cost 1 less to purchase. The revised rules from Wizards of the Coast got rid of this technology because it was considered unbalanced, and replaced it with Combined Bombardment, which allows your destroyers to bombard at an attack of 3. However, there are house rules that keep Industrial Technology and adjust the prices to keep ground units from being too cheap. That makes a total of 7 technologies available for development, but the new technology development system is flexible enough to allow for more than 6.

Unit v2 Rules cost House Rules cost
Infantry 3 3
Artillery 4 4
Armour 5 5
Fighter 10 9
Bomber 15 13
Transport 8 7
Submarine 8 7
Carrier 16 14
Destroyer 12 11
Battleship 24 22
AA gun 5 4
Factory 15 13

More Advanced/Complex Games:Edit

  • There's a lot more to learn.

1. Complex Turn Order

The Order of countries is Russia, Germany, UK, Japan, and then US This is original turn order, i think Italy is before Germany and china is before Japan.

2. Complex Rules for Gameplay, Territories, Players, etc.

The Turn order goes as follows 1. First, you buy units and roll for tech 2. Second, you choose where your armies will strike 3. Third, you fight those battles 4. Fourth, you return aircraft to bases and Use non-combat move (any move points not spent in combat can be used in non-combat move) 5. Fifth, you place the units you bought at the beginning 6. Sixth, you collect Money

3. Complex Unit Abilities

  • Superpowers.

More Maps & National ObjectivesEdit

World War IIv3 1941 and World War IIv3 1942 National Objectives
Germany: Lebensraum
+5 PUs if Axis control France, NW Europe, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Baltic States, East Poland, Ukraine, East Ukrain, and Belorussia.
+5 PUs if Axis control Karelia or Caucasus
Japan: The Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere
+5 PUs if Axis control Manchuria, Kiangsu, and French Indo China.
+5 PUs if Axis control 4 of Kwangtung, East Indies, Borneo, Philippine Islands, New Guinea and Solomon Islands.
+5 PUs if Axis control 1 of Hawaiian Islands, Australia, or India
Italy: Mare Nostrum
+5 PUs if Axis control Italy, Balkans, Morocco and Libya AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, or 15.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Egypt, Trans Jordan, France, and Gibraltar
United States: The Arsenal of Democracy
+5 PUs Allies control W U.S., Central U.S., and E U.S.
+5 PUs if Allies control Philippine Islands.
+5 PUs if Allies control France.
+5 PUs if Allies control 3 of Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, and Solomon Islands.
United Kingdom: The British Empire
+5 PUs if Allies control E Canada, W Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Australia and South Africa.
+5 PUs if Allies control any territory originally controlled by Japan.
+5 PUs if Allies control France or the Balkans.
Soviet Union: The Great Patriotic War
+10 PUs if Allies control 3 of Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Balkans.
+5 PUs if Soviets control Archangel and no allied forces in Soviet controlled territories.
China: Chinese Resistance & The Flying Tigers
+1 infantry for every two territories controlled by China at the beginning of her turn. These infantry must be place in a territory with less than three Chinese pieces. No Chinese Units, including the Chinese Fighter may leave Chinese territory (except for Kwangtung) (this means no entering sea zones).

Using the UI, Menus and ButtonsEdit

Map Skins, Map Details, Export, etc.

How to create a mapEdit

Tactical handbookEdit

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The Axis & Allies Wiki (hosted by Wikia) has many pages that help to explain the game system, for example:

A complete listing of the wiki pages can be found at:

which will display a list of alphabetical groupings (345 pages per group) of the wiki, for example:

  1. from ! to C
  2. from D to L
  3. from M to S
  4. from T to Z

which will display a list of wiki pages in row priority 3 column left to right order.


note; Aa does not follow AA, rather AA AB AC ... then Aa.