Larry Harris Tournament Rules (LHTR)Edit

On July 26, 2007 the Larry Harris Tournament Rules version 2.0 were released. LHTR 2.0 are a set off rules for Axis & Allies Revised that are commonly used in tournaments and other game play. The rules were created by Larry Harris, the creator of Axis & Allies and has additionally been worked on by several players and tournament game masters. The objective of the LHTR rules are to clarify existing rules and re-work other rules to help game balance while still maintaining the spirit of the game.

Industrial Technology House RulesEdit

In the original game, this technology made all units cost 1 less to purchase. The revised rules from Wizards of the Coast got rid of this technology because it was considered unbalanced, and replaced it with Combined Bombardment, which allows your destroyers to bombard at an attack of 3. However, there are house rules that keep Industrial Technology and adjust the prices to keep ground units from being too cheap. That makes a total of 7 technologies available for development, but the new technology development system is flexible enough to allow for more than 6.

Unit v2 Rules cost House Rules cost
Infantry 3 3
Artillery 4 4
Armour 5 5
Fighter 10 9
Bomber 15 13
Transport 8 7
Submarine 8 7
Carrier 16 14
Destroyer 12 11
Battleship 24 22
AA gun 5 4
Factory 15 13

More Advanced/Complex Games:Edit

  • There's a lot more to learn.

1. Complex Turn Order

The Order of countries is Russia, Germany, UK, Japan, and then US This is original turn order, i think Italy is before Germany and china is before Japan.

2. Complex Rules for Gameplay, Territories, Players, etc.

The Turn order goes as follows 1. First, you buy units and roll for tech 2. Second, you choose where your armies will strike 3. Third, you fight those battles 4. Fourth, you return aircraft to bases and Use non-combat move (any move points not spent in combat can be used in non-combat move) 5. Fifth, you place the units you bought at the beginning 6. Sixth, you collect Money

3. Complex Unit Abilities

  • Superpowers.

More Maps & National ObjectivesEdit

World War IIv3 1941 and World War IIv3 1942 National Objectives
Germany: Lebensraum
+5 PUs if Axis control France, NW Europe, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Baltic States, East Poland, Ukraine, East Ukrain, and Belorussia.
+5 PUs if Axis control Karelia or Caucasus
Japan: The Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere
+5 PUs if Axis control Manchuria, Kiangsu, and French Indo China.
+5 PUs if Axis control 4 of Kwangtung, East Indies, Borneo, Philippine Islands, New Guinea and Solomon Islands.
+5 PUs if Axis control 1 of Hawaiian Islands, Australia, or India
Italy: Mare Nostrum
+5 PUs if Axis control Italy, Balkans, Morocco and Libya AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, or 15.
+5 PUs if Axis control 3 of Egypt, Trans Jordan, France, and Gibraltar
United States: The Arsenal of Democracy
+5 PUs Allies control W U.S., Central U.S., and E U.S.
+5 PUs if Allies control Philippine Islands.
+5 PUs if Allies control France.
+5 PUs if Allies control 3 of Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, and Solomon Islands.
United Kingdom: The British Empire
+5 PUs if Allies control E Canada, W Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Australia and South Africa.
+5 PUs if Allies control any territory originally controlled by Japan.
+5 PUs if Allies control France or the Balkans.
Soviet Union: The Great Patriotic War
+10 PUs if Allies control 3 of Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Balkans.
+5 PUs if Soviets control Archangel and no allied forces in Soviet controlled territories.
China: Chinese Resistance & The Flying Tigers
+1 infantry for every two territories controlled by China at the beginning of her turn. These infantry must be place in a territory with less than three Chinese pieces. No Chinese Units, including the Chinese Fighter may leave Chinese territory (except for Kwangtung) (this means no entering sea zones).

Using the UI, Menus and ButtonsEdit

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