Transportation Planning Casebook/About

This Casebook contains a set of case studies. It was initially developed as part of CE5212/PA5232 Transportation Policy, Planning, and Deployment at the University of Minnesota taught by Prof. David Levinson. The cases themselves are developed by students.


Written Case Study Report should include

  • Summary,
  • Annotated List of Actors,
  • Timeline of Events,
  • Maps of Locations,
  • Clear Identification of Policy Issues,
  • Narrative of the Case,
  • Discussion Questions.
  • Complete References of Cited (primary and secondary) Documents). (with hyperlinks as appropriate)

It should be written from a Neutral Point-of-View. Online encyclopedias are not acceptable sources for citation (feel free to read to get background information, but they are at best tertiary sources).

The report should be on the order of 3000-5000 words. It should be fully referenced. Additional readings on the order of 30 -100 pages should be assigned with the case, these will be linked on the case web page or handed out in class.