Training and Assessment

Please help to build this book by:

  1. Creating a new page for each unit (see the Australian National Training Information Service entry for each unit as a guide)
  2. Providing links to information and resources that will assist learning the unit
  3. Designing assignments for learners to prove competency in the unit.

When designing assignments, please try to design so that the learner's work can also be used as a resources to assist future learners in Wikiversity. For example, To document and prove competency in "this unit" please record an interview between yourself and a practising trainer and make the MP3 available on the Internet via a Universal Resource Locator (URL).

Units edit

The following groups of units have been based on the Australian National Training Information Service's training package TAA04 Training and Assessment as of October 2005. Proving competency in the following units can lead to a qualification to train and assess in an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Assessment edit

  • Contribute to assessment
  • Plan and organise assessment
  • Assess competence
  • Develop assessment tools
  • Participate in assessment validation
  • Lead and coordinate assessment systems and services

Coordination, Management and Quality of Training and/or Assessment Services edit

  • Develop training and/or assessment organisational policies and procedures
  • Coordinate training and/or assessment arrangements for apprenticeships/traineeships
  • Lead and conduct training and/or assessment evaluations
  • Determine and manage scope of training and/or assessment services
  • Lead a team to foster innovation

Delivery and Facilitation edit

  • Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills
  • Plan and organise group-based delivery
  • Facilitate group-based learning
  • Facilitate individual learning
  • Facilitate work-based learning
  • Coordinate and facilitate distance-based learning
  • Facilitate e-learning
  • Facilitate action learning projects
  • Provide advanced facilitation to support learning
  • Lead and coordinate training services

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice edit

  • Address language, literacy and numeracy issues within learning and assessment practice

Learning Design edit

  • Use Training Packages to meet client needs
  • Design and develop learning programs
  • Design and develop learning strategies
  • Design and develop learning resources
  • Research and design e-learning resources
  • Develop and evaluate e-learning resources
  • Research and develop competency

Learning Environment edit

  • Work effectively in vocational education and training
  • Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture
  • Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment
  • Develop innovative ideas at work
  • Maintain and enhance professional practice

Training Advisory Services edit

  • Maintain information requirements of training and/or assessment organisations
  • Undertake organisational training needs analysis
  • Prepare a tender bid
  • Manage contracted work
  • Facilitate group processes

Imported Units edit

  • Participate in a quality audit
  • Develop teams and individuals
  • Analyse and present research information
  • Promote products and services
  • Build a virtual community
  • Ensure team effectiveness
  • Manage people
  • Manage industrial relations policies and processes
  • Prepare budgets and financial plans
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Recruit, select and induct staff
  • Build client relationships
  • Evaluate marketing opportunities
  • Manage and monitor business or records systems
  • Provide careers guidance
  • Co-ordinate research and analysis