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Tok Pisin Class 3 adjectives do not have the suffix -pela in all positions.
In attributive position, they precede the noun, as in wanpela liklik buk, a small book.

List of very useful Class 3 adjectivesEdit

liklik - small

  • also smol
  • also smolpela, which is a Class 1 Adjective
  • liklik is also an adverb meaning a little)

lapun - old (person)

wail - wild

rabis - poor

longlong - crazy

nambawan - first rate
nambatu - second rate
nambaten - very bad (quality)

wankain - same
narakain - different

planti - many
olgeta, or ologeta - all


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Exemples of use found on the InternetEdit

  • Wanpela lapun meri na liklik bubu bilongen ibin save istap. > An old woman, her (little) grandchild were there. (Radio Australia)
  • olgeta manmeri long dispela graun igat wankain raits long... > All people on Earth have the same rights to... (Declaration of Human Rights)