Theatre and Acting/Focus Warmups

Why do Focus Warmups?Edit

When performing or rehearsing it is vital to make sure that the actors are concentrated on the task. There are many exercises designed to help teamwork and concentration.

Twenty OneEdit

Playing 21 is easy. However, a minimum of 2 people (however, more than this is highly suggested) is required to play. The ideal size for a group to play 21 depends on ability of participants however somewhere between 5 and 20 is a good size to play this game.

How To Play
All participants stand in random distribution in the warmup space. Participants close their eyes. Then, randomly, someone must say the number 1. Another person must then say the number 2, and so forth until the number 21. However, should any two participants say a number at the same time, the group must start again at 1. Participants may not form an order in which to say numbers.

When the number 21 has been reached, try timing the group to get faster and faster at reaching 21.

The Impulse WalkEdit

How To Play All participants are to stand in a line with eyes closed. On impulse, they are to begin to walk, and as they do so, they can open their eyes. The aim of the game is to settle on a group "energy" which provokes a spontaneous impulse in all participants.