Theatre and Acting/Facial Warmups/Using the Mouth

Some exercises use the mouth to exercise the face. Try these exercises:

T-t too... Edit

Say the following phrase:

L-l-loo, l-l-low, l-l-law, l-l-lah, l-l-lay, l-l-lee

Now, replace the first consonant with another consonant, for example:

M-m-moo, m-m-mow, m-m-maw, m-m-mah, m-m-may, m-m-mee.

Continue through the alphabet.

Pss, Pss Edit

At breakneck speed:

Pss, pss, ch-ka ch-ka {kiss} {click with tongue, wink with eye} ah

Then try backwards.

Ah! {wink and click} {kiss} ch-ka ch-ka pss.

Betty's Butter Edit

Try saying this at a fast pace:

Betty bought a bit of butter, But the bit of butter Betty bought was bitter, So Betty bought a bit of better butter, To make the bit of bitter butter better.