Theatre and Acting/Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht was a fully committed Marxist who believed that everyone should be equal and that “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.” This belief was put into practice by the start of epic theatre, a theatre which had a moral for the audience and this was portrayed by all the emotions and suchlike being removed to show the very basics of the play. Brecht also portrayed his beliefs and tried to show us which belief we should lean towards through the play “The Good Person Of Szechwan” as he portrays Shen Teh as the Marxist side by giving rice to the hungry and giving shelter to the homeless, and he portrays the communist side through Shui Ta with the way that he is giving less than he should, yet both of these characters are essentially the same person this shows that there are two sides to every person. Brecht was also severely influenced by the war that was going on at the time. Due to his fear of persecution, Brecht fled from Germany and went to Denmark and then a few years later he moved to Sweden. During the war, Brecht became a main writer for the Exilliteratur, in which he expressed his opposition the National Socialist and Fascist movements.