The Voynich Manuscript/F3v

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One plant, flush against the bottom and right margins of the page.

Root: single long root, consisting of six "telescoping" conical segments, dark painted, with flat light-painted top. Tip of root is bent into a hook and ends with a small round knob.
Stem: long, straight, vertical, with a dark "shadow" stripe crudely painted along its length.
Branches: none.
Leaves: paired, disk shaped with two "tails", two "arms", and a swallowtail-shaped "head", with long outward-curved tips.
Stalks: medium length, thin.
Flowers: two, very unequal size, growing out of the tip of the stem.
Stalks: short, thin, like leaf stalks.
Calyx: heavy, swollen, shaped like a sweet potato cut in half, dark painted.
Petals: single row, light, semicircular, very small.
Core: flat, light-colored, filled with dots; looks like a pepper shaker.

Two paragraphs (with 6.0 and 7.5 lines), both in the top half of the page. The text is left-justified and follows the plant outline on the right.


The plant looks quite strange. The telescoping root is hard to explain. The leaf shape is unusual but not impossible. The bloated flower chalices are very strange; they may have been drawn from pressed and dried specimens.