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Description: edit

One plant, flush against the bottom and right margins of the page.

Root: single long root, consisting of six "telescoping" conical segments, dark painted, with flat light-painted top. Tip of root is bent into a hook and ends with a small round knob.
Stem: long, straight, vertical, with a dark "shadow" stripe crudely painted along its length.
Branches: none.
Leaves: paired, disk shaped with two "tails", two "arms", and a swallowtail-shaped "head", with long outward-curved tips.
Stalks: medium length, thin.
Flowers: two, very unequal size, growing out of the tip of the stem.
Stalks: short, thin, like leaf stalks.
Calyx: heavy, swollen, shaped like a sweet potato cut in half, dark painted.
Petals: single row, light, semicircular, very small.
Core: flat, light-colored, filled with dots; looks like a pepper shaker.

Two paragraphs (with 6.0 and 7.5 lines), both in the top half of the page. The text is left-justified and follows the plant outline on the right.

Comments: edit

The plant looks quite strange. The telescoping root is hard to explain. The leaf shape is unusual but not impossible. The bloated flower chalices are very strange; they may have been drawn from pressed and dried specimens.