The Voynich Manuscript/F3r

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One plant, flush against the right margin.

Roots: a bunch of unbranched tentacle-like roots radiating from the stem's base. Light colored, partial dark overpaint.
Stem: rather thick, bent. Light colored, dark overpainted stripe (shadow) along its left side.
Branches: none.
Leaves: lance-shaped with an S bend, very dense, growing straight off the stem on both sides, each partially covering the previous one. Stem ends with one unpaired leaf. Light colored, with a dark-painted shadow on the bottom of each leaf, and a dotted line just inside the leaf's rim.
Flowers: none.

Four paragraphs (with 9.5, 3.5, 2.7, and 2.8 lines): a longer one at the top, and three short ones just below mid-page. The first two are left-justified and follow the plant's outline on the right. The last two are left- and right-justified, and interrupted by the main stem.


The plant looks strange because of the dense leaves. Perhaps they are actually the sheaths of leafstalks, badly drawn? Perhaps the dots along the leaf rim are short spines?