The Voynich Manuscript/Alisa Gladyseva

Alisa Gladyseva recently claims to have deciphered the whole manuscript, as "written in medieval Galician (Galician-Portuguese)[1] and its dialect, using the Latin, old-French, and old Catalan names of flowers". According to the results of Alisa Gladyseva: the Voynich manuscript was written in medieval Galician (Galician-Portuguese). Its coding algorithm was influenced by the substitution cipher of using a polyalphabetic cipher for the most part of its text, as well as it was definitely influenced by transposition cipher for double ciphered alchemical text. The very key to a decipherment of the Voynich Manuscript was a plant Lavandula. Analyzing the text of the Voynich Manuscript was found paleography of its characters:‘L’ ‘A’ ‘V’ ‘A’ N’ ‘D’. It was made possible to the conception of decipherment: to find out the whole alphabet, with the help of other names of plants. Ability to analyze text of the Voynich Manuscript to recognize which information was relevant (in this case names of plants), made possible to determine at what point there was sufficient information to solve decipherment. There are only a few flowers that have its Latin names in the Voynich Manuscript, for e.g. ‘Capsella bursa-pastoris’ (other names of plants carry culture-specific ethnobotanical vernacular meanings). Detailed analytic studies the paleography of its characters was made possible to definite the letters ‘B’ “U’ ‘R’ ‘S’ ‘P’ ‘S’ ‘T’ for further successful accessible reading of the whole Voynich Manuscript text. The whole alphabet of the Voynich manuscript is deciphered as well as the whole text of the Voynich manuscript. [DECIPHERING THE WHOLE TEXT OF THE VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT BY ALISA GLADYŠEVA. The linguistic basis of the text, index and analysis. Edition: THE 1ST Publisher: ALISA GLADYŠEVA GGISBN: ISBN: 978-609-475-419-7][1]

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