The Story of Rhodesia/Rozwi Empire


The Rozwi Emprie (also spelled Rozvi) is a former empire in Southern Africa. It was probably founded by Changamire Dombo I, who conquered fertile and mineral-rich areas near the Zambezi. The Rozwi empire was located in areas that are currently parts of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa.[1]


In 1693, Portugal tried to take control over gold trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Rozwi was formed of several Shona states that dominated present day Zimbabwe. They were able to stop any attacks by the Portuguese and maintain control over their gold mines.


The Rozwi revived the tradition of building cities from stone and constructed impressive cities throughout the southwest. The economy of Rozwi was based on cattle and farming, with significant gold mining. They established trade with Arabs, in which gold, copper, and ivory were exchanged for luxury goods.


The Rozvi empire crumbled in Zimbabwe in the early 19th century. The movement of the Rozvi from present-day Matabeleland predates the Mfecane period. The BaLobedu of South Africa seem to be the only remaining Rozvi Kingdom.