The Story of Rhodesia/Important Notes

This is a list of important notes that must be taken into account while reading this book:

  1. There are no any written records of the pre-colonial era, so the information about the community at that time is incomplete, and based on archeological finds only. This is also why this book only gives general information about how life was in the pre-colonial era. It does not go into detail about all the events that happened in this era.
  2. The Second Matabele War is known by some as The First Chimurenga, with the Rhodesian Bush War being the Second Chimurenga. The First Matabele War is known by those people as simply the Matabele War. (Chimurenga means revolutionary struggle or uprising in Shona.)
  3. The Matabele are also known as the Ndebele. Their name for themselves is amaNdebele which is the plural of Ndebele. The name Matabele comes from the word amaNdebele.
  4. A laager is a temporary fortification made out of wagons in a circle (or any other shape). They were also used in the old west where they were called corrals. (laager is a word in Afrikaans).