The Stack Exchange User Guide/What is 'meta'?

On the Stack Exchange sites each site has there very own 'meta' to report bugs, feature requests, support and site discussion and each question has to be tagged with one of those. The URL for each per-site child 'meta' is or as in the cases of Server Fault, and Super User,

The 'meta' on is a very special one as it is a network-wide 'meta'. It is used to report on bugs, feature requests, support and site discussion for sites within The Stack Exchange Network 2.0. (

1.0 sites bugs, feature requests, support questions must be via the website or webmaster and not though Stack Exchange.

Earning ReputationEdit

All per-site child 'meta's' reputation is exactly the same as the main site, users can still vote and post answers but all votes will not change you 'meta' score. Please not that you reputation is cached from the main site for 24-48 hours.