The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/92

Text And TranslationEdit

Line Latin Text English Translation
1 Lesbia mi dicit semper male nec tacet umquam Lesbia is always verbally abusing me, and is never silent
2 de me: Lesbia me dispeream nisi amat. about me: may I perish if Lesbia does not love me.
3 quo signo? qui sunt totidem mea: deprecor illam By what sign? Because my matters are just the same: I criticise her
4 assidue, verum, dispeream nisi amo. constantly, even so, may I perish if I do not love her.

Connotations of The TextEdit


Line 2Edit

Line 3Edit

  • totidem - just as many; just the same; all the same
  • deprecor, -ari, -atus sum - criticise; deprecate

Line 4Edit

  • assidue (adv.) - constantly; continually
  • verum (adv.) - truly; even so; but; yet; still

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