The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/56

Text & TranslationEdit

Line Latin Text English Translation
1 O rem ridiculam, Cato, et iocosam O what an absurd and funny thing, Cato,
2 Dignamque auribus et tuo cachinno. worthy of your ears and laughs!
3 Ride, quidquid amas, Cato, Catullum: Laugh as much as you love Catullus, Cato,
4 Res est ridicula et nimis iocosa. this thing is just too funny and absurd.
5 Deprendi modo pupulum puellae I just caught a little boy and a girl
6 Trusantem: hunc ego, si placet Dionae, thrusting away: if it pleases Diona,
7 Pro telo rigida mea cecidi. I attacked him, not with a spear, but with my hard-on.