The Ocarina Method Book

If you or someone you know wants to contribute to this book, please see the discussion section to learn about the style we are going for. We need amateur ocarina players, graphic artists, composers and music transcribers!

The top priority at the moment is the Exercises chapter.

Young man with Ocarina. By Felix Esterl (1894–1931)
Young man with Ocarina. By Felix Esterl (1894–1931)


The Ocarina Method Book, or TOMB is a wikibook for learning and practicing the Ocarina. It is our hope that with this book (when it is finished), any dedicated ocarina enthusiast can go from absolute beginner to being a skilled ocarinist. TOMB is a detailed exercise book with practice lessons that will help you develop your skills on the ocarina.

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  • TOMB is not a guide to buying ocarinas. The online ocarina community has a substantial presence and most questions about buying new ocarinas are or can be answered on their forums. Two western forums which are not affiliated with any ocarina brands are OCtalk and The Ocarina Network.
  • TOMB is not an encyclopedia entry about ocarinas. This can be found at Ocarina.
  • TOMB is not a collection of sheet music, tabs or songs. Again, such things can be found at those forums, among other places.

Chapters of this Book

Fingering Charts. Charts and advice on playing various types of ocarinas.
Introduction to sheet music. A little about sheet music to get started on the Exercises.
Exercises. Lessons and practice. Beginner lessons are tabbed, but a goal of this Chapter is to teach the nuances of sheet music.