The Maryland Entrepreneur's Guide/Additional Resources

Chapter 1 Private Financing

Chapter 2 Maryland Financing Programs

Chapter 3 Federal Financing

Chapter 4 Incubators

Chapter 5 Business Enterprise Programs

Chapter 6 Opportunities for Business Growth

Chapter 7 Tax Credit and Incentive Programs

Chapter 8 Intellectual Property Protection

Chapter 9 Choice of Entity

Additional Resources


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Small Business Source This website serves as guide to local entrepreneurs by providing access to advice from established entrepreneurs in the Maryland area, advice and how-to articles, local business news and local business calendars. The Small Business Source also provides links to a number of local and regional nonprofits and government resources.

SBA Learning Center The SBA Learning Center is an online service provided by the US Small Business Administration that offers instruction for small businesses, and provides information on counseling, mentoring, and training programs offered by local SBA District Offices.

State Agency Resources

DBED site that deals with starting new businesses

DBED site that deals with resources available to businesses

Attorney General's manual: Guide to Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Maryland

Business In Maryland Made Easy site that allows one-stop registration of simple business forms, one-stop shop to complete and submit business licenses, and expedited review of qualifying development projects

Private Resources

Saul Ewing LLP: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Early Stage Financing

The preceding chapters of this Guide have provided links to specific references which may help an entrepreneur establish and maintain a Maryland business entity. Some resources are more comprehensive and may also be worthy of additional consideration for both new and established Maryland businesses. Some of these additional resources are listed below.