The Many Faces of TPACK

'The Many Faces of TPACK: Perspectives and Approaches" is a Wikibook created as part of the Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education Course (EDS 536) taught at Middle East Technical University in Spring 2013. This collaborative work between the course instructor/editor and the students/authors intends to present the approaches and perspectives on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework which provided a theoretical foundation to the course activities and experiences. All the content in this book as well as the format such as the cover, title, and the table of contents were created by the course participants. Special thanks goes to Hatice Çilsalar and Mustafa Şat who contributed to the design of the wikibook pages and the cover.

Cover by Mustafa Şat
Cover by Mustafa Şat

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Contents edit

  1. Preface (Baran)
    1. Contributors' Biographies
  2. Exploring TPACK within Disciplines
    1. Science Teacher Education (Cetinkaya)
    2. English Language Teacher Education (Celik )
    3. Math Teacher Education (Kol)
    4. Special Education Teacher Education (Altan)
    5. Primary Teacher Education (Cilsalar)
    6. Computer Education Teacher Education (Bahcekapili)
  3. Measuring TPACK
    1. TPACK Measures (Ilci)
    2. TPACK Survey (Sat)
  4. Investigating Turkey's Technology Initiatives with TPACK (Kayaduman)
  5. Teacher Education Simultaneous Renewal with TPACK (Yasan)