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Walkthrough/Outpost Island

Epilogue edit

"This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden.

"It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains, and peace.

"But one day a mean of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself..

"With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.

"But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand...

"...a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere.

"Wielding the lade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.

"This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time.

"The boy's tale was passed down through the generation until it became legend...

"But then...a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom.

"The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero...

"...once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.

"The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them.

"...But the hero did not appear.

"Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods.

"In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

"What became of that kingdom...? Non remain who know.

"The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survive on the wind's breath.

"On a certain island, it became customary to garb boys in green when they came of age.

"Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil.

"The elders wished only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend..."

Beginning of the tale edit

After the epilogue scene, Link's sister Aryill will spot Link at the beach tower and will go to wake him up, telling him it's his birthday and his grandmother waits for him at his house.

Climb down the ladder nearby and run over to the westernmost house on the western island and enter it. Go up the ladder inside and you'll find your Grandma.

She will give you a replica of the clothing once worn by the Ancient Hero, mentioning that the clothes need to be worn for the rest of the day. She also mentions to you that this is the day you become the same age as the young hero spoken of in the legend.

It is the day boys were considered to be men and they were taught the ways of a sword so they could do battle with their enemies. She mentions that Orca is the only one on the island that still knows anything about swordplay (we can go right now to master sword art at his place, but it is recommended to be done later when necessary). She tells you that she is planning a party and asks you to go and find Aryll. Head back outside.

First Outpost Island Goodies edit

There are a lot of goodies and secrets in Outpost Island. Those are optional, so you may skip this section or rather doing them later.

Here are the goodies and secrets available at the moment.

Treasure Chest #1 edit

Crawl under the porch of your house and enter the hole at the end. Open the chest inside for a whopping orange rupee, worth 100 rupees

Gathering pigs side-quest edit

East of your house you should find a man lying down in the grass named Abe. Speak to Abe and he will tell you he's trying to catch the pig nearby. Crawl across the ground and sneak up on the pig, then grab it.

Head back towards your house, but turn left and walk up the pathway. You'll notice a pen with Abe's wife Rose inside. Throw the pig into the pen and speak with Rose, who will give you 20 rupees for bringing the pig. She also mentions that she wouldn't mind having more of them.

There are two more pigs around the island:

The first pig is located on the pathway between the pen and your house. Grab this pink pig and return it to the pen, then speak with Rose again for another 20 rupees.

The last pig is located on the eastern side of the island. Walk over the bridge and climb up to the lone house. Catch the pig on the side of the house and give it to Rose for another 20 rupees.

Treasure Chest #2 edit

Head back to the other side of the island, toward the beach tower. Walk inside the house nearby the tower and crawl underneath the bed where there is a green rupee.

Crawl through the hole and open the chest inside for 20 rupees.

Birthday presents and surprises edit

Now go climb up the ladder to the tower. Speak with Aryll and she'll give you your birthday present: her Telescope. Aryll will then tell you to look at your house from here. Pull out the telescope and focus in on your house. Use the telescope to zoom in on the postman, who will then start to panic. Move the telescope up to the sky and you will see a large bird carrying a young girl.

This bird is being pursued by a pirate ship attempting to hit the bird with cannonballs. The bird looks back and gets hit in the face, losing its grip on the girl and dropping her into the forest on the island. Aryll tells you the girl needs help, but you actually cannot go there since you don't have a sword yet.

Sword mastering edit

Climb back down the ladder and walk over to the other side of the island. Walk over the house nearby and the old man standing on top will start yelling at you. Climb the ladder on the right and head in the door at the top. Sturgeon will begin talking to you and then proceed to get upset when a pot is knocked off of a shelf and breaks. He starts stomping on the floor and yelling at the person below him. He tells you his younger brother Orca knows how to fence and spends his day training.

Head back outside and down the ladder. Enter the lower level of the house and speak with Orca. He asks if you want instruction in using the sword. Answer yes and follow all his instructions on using the sword. There are six different moves: The horizontal slice (B), Vertical Slice (L-Target + B), Stab (Forward + B), Spin Attack (Press and hold B), Parry Attack (L-Target and press A when you see the burst), and Jump Attack (L-Target + A). If you pass all of Orca's tests he will give you the Hero's Sword.


This article is a list of characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Main characters edit

Link, The Hero of Winds edit

In The Wind Waker, Link is a boy living in a village on an island called Outset Island, who dresses as the Hero of Time of ancient legends (the Link from Ocarina of Time) for his birthday. When his sister Aryll is kidnapped by a large bird, the Helmaroc King, he is forced to come forth and become a hero himself, like his predecessor the Hero of Time, and soon finds much, much more is at stake than just his sister. Early in his adventure Link obtains the "Wind Waker", a conductor's baton which can control the winds, and receives the title of Hero of Winds before his final confrontation with Ganondorf.

There is a far bigger emphasis on Link's facial expressions in this game than in previous titles.

Tetra edit

Tetra is a sarcastic pirate who (reluctantly) starts Link out on his journey. Her mother died few years before the events of The Wind Waker, and she was left to lead the group of pirates (the only ones actually appearing in the game). She is the character that Ganon meant to kidnap with the Helmaroc King, instead of Aryll. Their similar pointy ears caused the mistake. She helps Link out periodically, and later, her true identity is revealed in Hyrule Castle: she is Princess Zelda, the last heiress in the Hylian Royal Family bloodline.

Tetra is due to appear again in The Wind Waker's sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is unknown if she will be in her Princess Zelda form. Also, in The Wind Waker, Tetra did not know she was Zelda, yet knew of Hyrule, the Hero of Time, the Master Sword, and wore a large piece of the Triforce of Wisdom around her neck as a necklace.

Ganondorf edit

Ganondorf is the main villain in most The Legend of Zelda games, and is so in The Wind Waker as well. As told in the opening and again by the King of Hyrule, Ganondorf escaped from the Sacred Realm after being sealed away in Ocarina of Time. He attempted to take over once again, but was stopped by the Goddesses and got sealed away underwater along with a frozen Hyrule, with the Master Sword being used as a key to unfreeze the kingdom. Ganondorf has obtained refuge in the Forsaken Fortress, which is a monster-infested and heavily guarded island. Link sets off on a quest to defeat him, leading to a final confrontation on top of his tower in Hyrule, where Link battles him, and, eventually, stabs the Master Sword into his forehead, turning him into stone. Ganondorf is subsequently drowned along with Hyrule and the king in the depths of the ocean.

It is said that he is the last Gerudo alive, the Gerudo being a race of tall, slender beings of Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time. He is frustrated about his failures from earlier Zelda games, mentioning that the Triforce effectively has bound their souls together for so long that he is almost resigned to the fact that Link ('The Hero') would appear to oppose him.

Aryll edit

Aryll is Link's younger sister. She has a liking of seagulls, which flock to the lookout tower on her and Link's home, Outset Island. Her name was apparently derived from seeds called arils.[citation needed]

She is the first character that is introduced in The Wind Waker, and is captured by Ganondorf's forces early in the game, forcing Link to go after her and instigating the events of the game. After Link rescues her from the Forsaken Fortress, Ganondorf's lair, she stays with Tetra's pirates for the remainder of the game and is not seen until the ending credits.

In the first play-through, she wears a light-blue dress with red flowers on it. In the second play-through, she wears a maroon-colored dress with white skulls on it, the same dress she wears in the Forsaken Fortress and ending sequence.

Aryll is also the only member of Link's family in any of the games who is given a name.

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (The King of Red Lions) edit

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (ダフネス・ノハンセン・ハイラル, Dafunesu Nohansen Hairaru) is the king of the long-forgotten land of Hyrule. The player is indirectly introduced to King Daphnes in the form of The King of Red Lions (赤獅子の王, Aka Shishi no Ō), a talking sailboat that Link meets after being ejected from the Forsaken Fortress. In this guise, the King guides Link in his quest and provides transport across the Great Sea. King Daphnes can speak the ancient Hylian tongue, and does so, on Link's behalf, with Valoo, the Deku Tree, and Jabun, during the quest for the Master Sword. After Link rescues Aryll from the Forsaken Fortress and escapes, The King of Red Lions takes him back to Hyrule, where it reveals to him that it is being magically operated by King Daphnes, and explains what Link must do to defeat Ganondorf. At the end of the game, the King wishes to the Triforce for Hyrule to be drowned, and stays with the kingdom as it is flooded. The King of Red Lions is seen after Link returns to the surface, but appears completely lifeless. The boat does not appear in Phantom Hourglass, though there is a boat named Prince of Red Lions, piloted by a man dressed like Link, that has a similar appearance.

It is possible that King Daphnes is a spiritual being much like the Sages, as he was sealed with Hyrule long ago, and can teleport around the area.

The King of Red Lions also makes a cameo appearance in Toon Link's stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Outset Island characters edit

Grandma edit

"Grandma" is Link's and Aryll's grandmother who loves Link and Aryll very much and will do anything to help and protect them. She knows the legend of the Hero of Time well and believes Link is more than meets the eye. She first gives him his green tunic as it is his birthday, and later also a shield to help him on his quest. She is sad to see Link go, and after he leaves her to search for Aryll, she becomes sick, though the player can choose to help her recover with a fairy. After this event, Link's grandmother will make him his favorite soup whenever he wants. The Nintendo Gallery figurine of her says she can be mischievous and pulls pranks on Link.

Jabun edit

Lord Jabun is the spirit of the ocean and resides in Greatfish Isle; however, he is forced to flee from his island when Ganon tries to prevent Link from obtaining Nayru's Pearl, and Greatfish Isle is ravaged in the process. Jabun finds shelter in an alcove in the southern cliffside of Link's home of Outset Island, where Link finds him and obtains Nayru's Pearl from him. Like Valoo, Jabun speaks only the ancient Hylian language.

Jabun has some similarities to Jabu-Jabu, the Hyrulian protector of the Zoras in Ocarina of Time. They have very similar names, are both large fish deities, and the background music used in Jabun's cave is also the same as the music inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Orca edit

Orca is an old man and a talented warrior. He will give Link his very first sword as he believes Link has the ability to handle it wisely, and proceeds to teach him how to use it. Orca is very passionate about swordplay, emphatically scolding Link whenever a mistake is made, and joyfully weeps after teaching Link a special move. During sparring sessions, he often whimsically patronizes Link to encourage him to do better.

Orca is also Sturgeon's brother. Although they are related, they are total opposites: Orca believes in learning about swordplay and how to fight rather than just researching and reading books like his brother.

Sturgeon edit

Sturgeon is a very wise old man who lives a floor above his warrior brother, Orca. He is keen to teach Link many controls and movements. Sturgeon gets very upset when Orca is doing training and bumps a wall, because the things on his shelves all fall off and break. Surprisingly, his figurine stated that he was once an accomplished swordsman as well.

Sturgeon reappears in The Minish Cap as a librarian, though this character is implied to actually be a different person.

Dragon Roost Island characters edit

Rito Chieftain edit

The Rito Chieftain is the leader of all the Rito people on Dragon Roost Island and Komali's father. He is looked up to by all the people that inhabit the island as the strongest and most courageous. Although the chief may seem strong, he is actually in constant worry about his son and wonders if Komali will ever achieve his wings from Valoo.

Prince Komali edit

Prince Komali is the crown prince of the Rito tribe, and Medli's protégé. Though he is considered a prince by the Rito, he takes to his role reluctantly. When introduced in the game Prince Komali is very selfish, though timid. After Link destroys Gohma, Komali is able to journey up Dragon Roost and finally get his wings. He becomes a brave young man who eventually repays Link by saving him and Tetra from Ganondorf at Forsaken Fortress, though he is helped by Quill and Valoo himself. He is also the holder of Din's Pearl, given to him by his now deceased grandmother, a woman who was said to be the only one that could calm Valoo down.

Laruto edit

Laruto is a female Zora and the Sage of Earth. She prayed in the Earth Temple until her soul was stolen by Ganondorf to remove the ability to repel evil from the Master Sword. Her spirit returns to teach Link the "Earth God's Lyric" and direct him to her successor, a Rito named Medli. Laruto played the harp which Medli now possesses and is depicted as a friendly, wise character.

It should be noted that Laruto's name may suggest a connection to Princess Ruto, the Zora Sage of Water from Ocarina of Time.

Medli edit

Medli is a young Rito girl who lives on the island of Dragon Roost, home of the Rito people and Valoo, the Dragon Spirit of the Skies. She is a child who, when Link meets her, is coming into her role as Valoo's attendant, a position she inherited from her predecessor, Komali's grandmother, who was also her teacher. She is a very brave girl who, when Link arrives at Dragon Roost, enters the dungeon under Valoo to try and calm him down.

Later in the game, after Link meets Laruto, the previous Sage of Earth whose soul was robbed, Link heads back to Dragon Roost and awakens Medli as the new Earth Sage, as the harp she had also inherited from Komali's grandmother means that being the Earth Sage is her destiny. Medli goes with Link through the Earth Temple, and plays the "Earth God's Lyric" with Laruto at the end to bring back half of the power to the Master Sword.

She then stays at the temple to continue to pray for the gods. In the ending, she appears on the pirate ship with Makar, the Wind Sage. She is a skilled harp player and uses it when praying in the Earth Temple. It is said that she is somewhat of a motherly figure to Prince Komali, who instead has a crush on her.

Quill edit

Quill is a Rito postman who helps Link out a lot during the game, as he convinces the pirates to take Link to rescue Aryll from the Forsaken Fortress and on many other occasions, such as introducing him on Dragon Roost Island and telling him Jabun's story. He also helps Prince Komali rescue Tetra and Link from Ganondorf at the Forsaken Fortress. Quill seems sharp and observant, perhaps most evident when he lists the moral and logical flaws of Tetra's decision to neglect Link's plight to save his sister.

Valoo edit

Valoo is an ancient red dragon and spirit of the sky sacred to the Rito people. When first encountered he is fierce and enraged—on closer inspection this is understandable, as he is being tortured by an evil creature named Gohma, who is pulling on his tail, keeping him stuck in the volcano on top of which he roosts. After Link rescues him he becomes an important ally in his quest; depicted when he exhales vast flames of fire on Ganondorf and the Forsaken Fortress when Link and Tetra are under his dominance and in extreme danger. Like the King of Red Lions, he can speak the ancient tongue of Hyrule, but he does not speak any other language.

Another interesting detail about Valoo is that he somewhat resembles Volvagia, the dragon boss of the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time, both in name and appearance.

Zephos and Cyclos edit

Zephos is a god of the winds along with his brother Cyclos. Zephos controls peaceful winds while his brother controls storm winds. His name comes from the Greek Deity Zephyr, who was the God of the West Wind (Zephyr is also used to refer to any small breeze).

When Link first arrives on Dragon Roost Island he can go through a tunnel which leads him to the other side of the Island. On that side there is a small, separate, body of rock that has two monuments honoring the Gods Zephos and Cyclos. On Zephos' monument there are conductor's notes for a song called the "Wind's Requiem", which lets Link control the direction of the wind. Once Link learns to properly conduct the song, and changes the direction of the wind, Zephos comes flying down and talks to Link about how he is the new Wind Waker. He also informs Link that his brother, Cyclos, is causing trouble out at sea with cyclones, because of the damage to his monument.

Cyclos is Zephos' brother, and is the god of cyclones. At the beginning of the game, damage to his shrine outrages him, so he causes large cyclones to form in the Great Sea. These cyclones are capable of instantly teleporting Link and the King of Red Lions to certain places. This is detrimental to Link when he encounters the furious Cyclos and is caught in the tornado, but the power of cyclones is later obtained when Link uses his bow and arrows to defeat the god. Cyclos reveals his better nature and teaches Link the "Ballad of Gales". This allows manual teleportation around the Great Sea and advances the plot.

Forest Haven characters edit

Carlov edit

Carlov is a sculptor who operates the Nintendo Gallery on Forest Haven. He requests Link's help in filling the gallery with all the characters of the Great Sea. In order to do this, Link must use the Deluxe Pictograph to take acceptable pictures of each character, and then give them to Carlov. Carlov uses each picture to sculpt detailed statuettes of the character, and places them in themed rooms in the gallery. These figurines also have plaques that provide insight into the characters that is not available during the normal events of the game.

The Deku Tree edit

The Deku Tree is the guardian of Forest Haven and a legendary earth spirit. He is plagued by ChuChus when Link first meets him, but after Link removes the ChuChus, he tells Link about Forest Haven and the Koroks who live there. He confesses to Link that his energy is actually waning and that he has become feeble with age. It is assumed that this is the same Deku Tree that was a sprout in Ocarina of Time, as he speaks Hylian and remembers old times when he sees Link's green tunic. He gives Link the Deku Leaf to help him on his quest, and later Farore's Pearl after Link rescues Makar from the Forbidden Woods. Like Valoo, he speaks Hylian, but he can also speak the modern language of the Great Sea.

Fado edit

Fado is a male Kokiri and the Sage of Wind. He prayed in the Wind Temple until Ganon killed him to rob the Master Sword of its power. His spirit returns to teach Link the "Wind God's Aria". The successor of Fado is a Korok forest spirit called Makar, who carries his bloodline and owns and plays the same violin that Fado does. This could support the theory that the Koroks are evolved Kokiri.

It should be noted that Fado's name was originally used for a female Kokiri in Ocarina of Time, and is later used in Twilight Princess as Link's kindly boss, a goat farmer. Fado's name is also a reference to a type of music called Fado.

Makar edit

Makar is a Korok who lives in the Forest Haven, who accidentally falls into the Forbidden Woods near Forest Haven island. Another Korok named Linder comes back and tells the Great Deku Tree of his plight, and the Great Deku Tree sends Link to the Forbidden Woods to rescue Makar and bring him back. Link agrees, and eventually saves Makar from being eaten by Kalle Demos, a giant carnivorous plant. After the rescue, Makar plays his violin and puts on a show, while the other Koroks fly away into the Great Sea with seeds from the Great Deku Tree to plant trees on other islands, with the exception of Hollo, who stays behind to continue making blue potions from Boko Baba Seeds.

Later in the game, after meeting Fado, the previous Wind Sage whose soul was taken away by Ganondorf, Link goes to get Makar, and awakens him as the new Sage of Wind after conducting for him to play the "Wind God's Aria", since Makar has the same violin as Fado did (being notably shorter than Fado, Makar plays Fado's violin in a cello position) and takes him to the Wind Temple, where Link and Makar cooperate to finish restoring the Master Sword. After defeating the boss of the Wind Temple, Molgera, Makar and Fado both play the Wind God's Aria for Link, fully replenishing the power of the Master Sword.

Fado states that Makar carries his bloodline, which is one of the various hints that the Kokiri race evolved into the Koroks.

Windfall Island characters edit

Salvatore edit

Salvatore runs the Sinking Ships minigame on Windfall Island and the Barrel Shoot minigame on Spectacle Island. He had hoped to become a famous painter but he eventually returned to his hometown of Windfall. He usually looks very bored.

Lenzo edit

Lenzo is an expert when it comes to anything about "pictographs", the Zelda version of photography. He owns a pictograph shop on Windfall Island, and fellow citizens Pompie and Vera suspect he is having an affair with a girl named Minenco. After a sidequest, it turns out that Minenco is just very interested in pictographs. Lenzo gives Link some pictograph assignments, then with Link's help, he invents the Deluxe Picto Box, a camera that can take colored pictures. Apparently, Lenzo once visited Outset Island, where he met a woman speculated to be Link's Grandma (though this is unconfirmed). He also sells Link legendary pictographs at night, which can be used to make figurines.

Zunari edit

Zunari is an eskimo that came from a cold land, but shipwrecked on Windfall Island, and continues to wear his thick coat. He now runs a small shop on Windfall Island, where Link can buy a sail for his boat, which is necessary to complete the game. With Link's help, Zunari's shop will burst into an active business. Zunari also hosts auctions during the night on Windfall Island. After participating the merchant trade sidequest, Zunari will reward Link with the "Magic Armor".

Other characters edit

Beedle edit

Beedle is a peddler of goods in The Wind Waker who owns a floating shop ship that appears across the ocean. The game does not make it clear whether he has several of these ships, or is merely traveling around. His shops sell various wares such as Hyoi Pears and All-Purpose Bait, except at the Rock Spire Island shop, where he sells Link a Bottle, a Piece of Heart and a Treasure Chart. At this shop, he also wears a golden helmet and treats Link as if he has never seen him before, but in such a way it is clear that he has. Beedle reappears in Phantom Hourglass with a similar role as in The Wind Waker, selling various goods in his ship and disguising his ship as the "Masked Ship".

Beedle also appears in The Minish Cap, where he opens a shop once one of the mats in Hyrule Town is cleaned, and sells Picolyte, a Minish-raised plant.

Great Fairies edit

Seven Great Fairies can be found in various places around the Great Sea, and they will reward Link with item upgrades, such as more bomb/arrow/rupee carrying capacity, or a larger magic meter. The Fairy Queen lives inside Mother & Child Isles, and although she looks young, she is one of the oldest and wisest characters. She will give Link the Fire and Ice arrows once he finds Princess Zelda. In the Mother and Child isles, she remarks on her attraction to Link, which makes him embarrassed and causes him to blush, although it is unclear as to whether she was being serious or joking with Link.

Fishman edit

Fishman is a talking cartographer fish that is found swimming just off-shore of each island of the Great Sea. According to him, he and his "cousins" are scattered all over the sea, although in the game these cousins all speak as if they are the same character. In exchange for All-Purpose Bait, Fishman gives advice and commentary about the island near which he is found and adds the island to the player's Sea Chart, if it is not already drawn in. Fishman's history and origins are largely unknown. When Link first meets Fishman, after he offers Link help with his Sea Chart, he turns to the King of Red Lions and informs him that he has repaid his debt. This implies that he may know of the King of Red Lions's true identity. At Rock Spire Isle, Fishman alludes to a past relationship with Gillian, the barmaid of the Cafe Bar at Windfall Island.

Old Man Ho Ho edit

Old Man Ho Ho is the only member of the Ho Ho tribe encountered in The Wind Waker. He is the small man with the telescope who seems to be constantly traveling. He is always talking about seagulls and when engaging him in conversation you hear a "hoh-hoh" sound.

Niko edit

Niko is the rookie pirate in Tetra's pirate crews. It is noticeable that he is the "bottom rung" of the pirates, and therefore enjoys a period of bossing Link around while he is on the ship, often showing his authority by calling Link a swabbie. However, later he reveals that he likes Link.

Niko also makes an appearance in Phantom Hourglass.

Tingle edit

Tingle is a strange 35-year-old man whose greatest wish is to become a Fairy. He wears a green jumpsuit, red speedo and belt, and a clock on a string, which he wears around his neck as a necklace of some sort. Tingle often chants his "personal catchphrase" "Tingle! Tingle! Koo-loo Limpah!", while throwing confetti in the air.

In The Wind Waker, Link rescues him from the prison on Windfall Island where they first encounter each other and where, in return for his rescue, Tingle gives Link both the Tingle Tuner and a map to Tingle's island where his brother, Ankle, and an unrelated man named David Jr., who resemble and dress very similarly to Tingle himself, are forced by Tingle to operate a large totem pole-like tower with a revolving Tingle bust at the top. The player is required to visit Tingle towards the end of the game, as he is the only person who can decipher the charts leading to the scattered pieces of the Triforce of Courage.

The reason for which Tingle was imprisoned in the first place was that he was accused of stealing a Picto Box. Said Picto Box is hidden at the end of a maze, the entrance of which is concealed at the back of the cell, with diary entries scrawled on the large rocks lining the cavern.

The Tingle Tuner that Tingle gives Link is an item that resembles a green Game Boy Advance with an antenna. It is not required to further the plot, but gives the player some bonus material. It allows the player to summon and control Tingle using a Game Boy Advance connected to the GameCube, and lets the player buy several items (at quite inexpensive prices) such as Tings (which can heal or restore magic), access to a map of the nearby area, and use of Tingle's balloon, which allows the player to walk on air for a short time. Using the Tingle Tuner also lets the player meet Tingle's other brother, Knuckle, after completing a series of tasks on Outset Island. Once completed, Knuckle can sell the player more arrows, bombs, or other items Via the Tingle Tuner. Knuckle also replaces the Handbook in the Tuner.

Traveling Merchants edit

The Traveling Merchants are the few Gorons that you encounter, and are involved in a sidequest. In this sidequest, the player must trade various items to put in a Windfall Island shop to obtain the Magic Armor item. Blowing their hats off with the Deku Leaf reveals that they are, indeed, Gorons. The Goron symbol is also spotted on their giant backpacks, and their figurine also states that their favorite food is rocks.

References edit


Molgera and two spawn as depicted in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Molgera is a huge worm creature that is the fourth boss that Link faces in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Encounter edit

When Link arrives in the chamber where Makar is supposed to pray, the room fills with sand, obscuring the Hylian symbol on the floor and making an arena for the boss.

The Battle edit

Its attacks are varied, ranging from a jumping and diving attack to spawning small versions of itself.

Molgera's only weakness is his tongue, which has an orb at the end of it. This orb contains Molgera's life force. The orb cannot be hurt using normal methods (i.e. Bombs, Arrows, and the like.) However, L-targeting can be used to lock on to Molgera's tongue, then Link can use the Hookshot to pull its tongue closer to hack at with the Master Sword. If Link gets too close to Molgera, it eats him and then spits him out. After dealing a sufficient amount of damage to it, it will start to spawn minions. These mini-Molgeras deal a small amount of damage, but can get in the way while Link is trying to grapple Molgera's tongue. Molgera will sometimes fly out of the ground, and come back down, doing major damage if it lands on Link.

Notes edit

Molgera is similar to some creatures from other entries in the Legend of Zelda series, such as Molduga from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.



Jalhalla is a fictional ghost from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Description edit

Jalhalla is the king of Poes (and apparently Ghinis as well), and so is very large, as is with most of the series' rulers. Jalhalla resembles a gigantic version of the Poes from Wind Waker, but has a differently shaped mask and a horribly bloated stomach.. Jalhalla's name is probably based on Valhalla, the Norse heaven for heroes and home of Odin. Jalhalla himself was probably based on Boolossus from Luigi's Mansion, as both are several ghosts merged together. The battle music when fighting Jalhalla is reminiscent of a French accordion.

Battle edit

Jalhalla is the boss of the Earth Temple. He was sent by Ganondorf to destroy the Earth Sage and last of the Zoras, Laruto. He also attempted to destroy Link and Medli when they tried to infiltrate the temple. Jalhalla could be beaten by reflecting light off of the Mirror Shield onto him, in which he would solidify. Once solid, Jalhalla could be thrown at a spiked pillar. On this occasion, Jalhalla would pop into tons of Poes, all running frantically. After a while, the Poes would merge back into Jalhalla. If all the Poes were to die, then Jalhalla would be powerless (Jalhalla himself was simply the cursed mask; the Poes were his body). When finding that his body's Poes were gone, Jalhalla attempted to escape through the roof, but a ray of light turned him solid as he was in the air. Jalhalla was destroyed when he crashed back into the ground and shattered.

He returns in Four Swords Adventures and is fought twice. The first time is just his mask which shoots fire and spins around, and is defeated by utilising the torches to reveal itself and then attacking. In his second attack he has his whole body. He attacks now with gusts of wind and with his lantern. Once again the torches must be lit to unmask it, but after attacking the body the ghost would swallow the unfortunate Link. Inside the Game Boy Advance the swallowed Link(s) must attack Jalhalla's soul. After that is destroyed he blows up for good.

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The Hylian alphabet and English equivalents. Though this graphic was made with the game Twilight Princess in mind, it should be applicable to the script seen in The Wind Waker as well.

The ancient script of the Hylian people is seen as an ancient language in The Wind Waker, though it is not commonly understood by most contemporary characters.


Koroks are a fictional race from the video game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

They come from Forest Haven but can be found on various islands on the Great Sea.

The Koroks were once the human-shaped Kokiri, but when Hyrule was transformed into the Great Sea, they took on a more plant-like appearance, and become fearful of other people. They have wooden-like bodies (somewhat similar to the Deku Scrub) and wear what looks like masks made from various types of leaves, though they might be their actual faces. Koroks are very light, and can travel on the wind by using sprouts as propellers. They often make a hollow jingling sound when they move.

Unlike their Kokiri ancestors, who never left the Lost Woods for fear of dying, most of the Koroks actually spend most of their lives far away from Forest Haven, planting the seeds of the Great Deku Tree. Only returning to Forest Haven once a year for an annual ceremony held every year when the Great Deku Tree bears seeds.


Cosplay of Medli, a prominent Rito character in the game.

The Rito are a bird like species in the Wind Waker. They are descended from the Zora.

The Rito primarily live on Dragon Roost Island. Many Rito serve as postal workers, and due to their ocupation they can be found in many locations across the game map.


The Greudo people are not seen or even widely spoken of in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, with the sole example seen in the game being the main antagonist Ganondorf.


Backstory edit

The Zora are an ancient water dwelling species in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Current State edit

Despite being aquatic, they are not seen in the flooded world the game takes place in, save for a ghost of a Zora sage. However their airborne dependents, the Rito, play a prominent role in the game world.


Backstory edit

The Kokiri were a people who resided in forests prior to the events of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Their appearance in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as small humanoids who are associated with the forest and clad in green clothing is not too different from their depiction in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Current State edit

By the time the events of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker not a single Kokiri is seen alive in the game. Only the ghost of a Kokiri sage is ever seen by Link.

However the Kokiri do play an important role in the game, through their descendants in Korok, who have established one of the largest settlements seen in the game.

Weapons and items

This is a list of weapons and other items in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Weapons and Shields edit

Sticks and Swords edit

Link is able to use a variety of melee weapons, including several weapons which are normally used by enemies, but can be picked up after an enemy has been disabled or defeated. With his own swords, the Hero's Sword and the Master Sword, Link can execute a wide variety of attacks, but he can only do a standard slash or spin attack with enemies' weapons.

Permanent Weapons edit

  • The Hero's Sword is the first sword gained by Link in the Wind Waker. It is obtained after Link trains with Orca and accomplishes his training.
  • The Master Sword is the legendary sword of evil's bane. It has been removed from the Temple of Time and placed in a hidden basement in Hyrule Castle. Though it is more powerful than the Hero's Sword, it is not powerful enough to defeat Ganondorf in its current state. It does not "shine with the power to repel evil" anymore, as the sages who prayed for its power have been killed. When new sages are awakened, the Master sword regains its power.

Temporary Weapons edit

  • Boko Sticks are mainly found by killing Boko Baba, though they can also be found in vases, and are sometimes wielded by Bokoblins (they are usually on fire). They can be thrown to hit enemies, or to light something on fire.
  • Bokoblin Blades are large machetes only wielded by Bokoblins. They are more powerful than Boko Sticks, and can hit enemies from far away when thrown.
  • The Spears are the main weapon wielded by Moblins. They can be be thrown farther than the Boko Stick and Bokoblin Blade.
  • Darknut Swords are used by Mighty Darknuts. They are one of the most powerful items that can be stolen from an enemy.
  • Stalfos wields the deadly mace. When Link uses it, however, it is less powerful than when a Stalfos wields it.

Arrows and Other Weapons edit

  • The Hero's Bow is obtained in the Tower of the Gods. It is the best item to use to hit enemies far way. It requires some skill to be accurate but is fairly easy to master.
  • Fire Arrows, or rather, the power to shoot flaming arrows, are given to Link in the grotto in Mother Island by the Great Fairy. They can set things on fire and melt frozen objects, but they use magic.
  • Ice Arrows, like Fire Arrows, are given to Link by the Great Fairy. They can freeze enemies and hot things, but they use magic.
  • Light Arrows are obtained in Ganon's Tower, and is the last item you get. When an enemy is hit with a Light Arrow (except for Ganondorf), the enemy will disappear in a flash of light. They are needed to defeat Puppet Ganon in all three of his forms. Like Fire and Ice Arrows, they use magic, but even more than them.
  • The Grappling Hook was invented by the Rito Tribe before they evolved wings and is givin to Link by Medli. It is not really a weapon, but can extract spoils from enemies when you throw it at them. It also stuns enemies, and when used in the boat, becomes a crane to search for treasure with. It is mainly used, though, for swinging across gaps like a vine.
  • The Boomerang makes another appearance in the Wind Waker. It can destroy only a few enemies, like the Peahats; it just stuns the rest. It is the dungeon item of the Forbidden Woods. It can also be used to slice things off the ceiling, and can target five different things at a time.
  • Bombs are obtained after you complete Nikko's second obstacle course. Use them to blow things up, such as slabs of rock and boats. When used on the boat, they become a cannon. Link should already be familiar with bombs before he actually obtains them; he used bomb plants, effectively the same thing, frequently on Dragon Roost Island.
  • The Hookshot is an item that is used to pull Link to where it latches on to, and, in some cases, pulls things to Link. It does not have a very long range.
  • The Skull Hammer is an item that is used to smash enemies and in some cases destroy obstacles this is found when you go to the Forsaken Fortress the second time

Ammunition edit

  • The Bomb Bag is used to carry bombs. You can carry up to 99 bombs, but only 30 can be carried until you visit Fairy Fountains. The first upgrade is to a capacity of 60; the second to 99.
  • The Quiver is used to carry arrows. You can carry up to 99 arrows, but only 30 can be carried until you visit Fairy Fountains. The first upgrade is to a capacity of 60; the second to 99.
  • The Spoils Bag lets you collect the items left behind when certain enemies are deafeated. They are: Skull Necklace, Boko Baba Seed, Green, Red, Blue Chu-Chu Jelly, Knight's Crest, Golden Feathers, and Joy Pendant. Received after completing Nikko's first obstacle course.
  • The Bait Bag lets you carry the bait you need coax fish to draw the islands on your Sea Chart . It also lets you carry Hyoi Pears which, when used as bait, allow you to control seagull's flight. Bought from Beetle's Ship Shop on Outset Island.
  • The Delivery Bag lets Link carry letters and decorations. Given to you by the Rito Postman.

Shields edit

  • The Hero's Shield is your first obtainable shield. Link receives it from his grandma. It was said that this was rumored to have belonged to the Hero of Time himself, but you learn later on from the The King of Red Lions that Link has no relation to the Hero. The shield was also used by Hylian Knights.
  • Mirror Shield functions in the exact same way as the Hero's Shield, except for one thing: the Mirror Shield can reflect light, which allows Link to complete various puzzles. Found in the Earth Temple.

Other edit

Tunics and Boots edit

  • The Hero's Clothes are given to Link by his grandma. On Outset Island, when a boy comes of age, they put on the clothes as a tradition. This is why Link is dressed like the Hero of Time.
  • When you beat the game once, and start a new quest, The Hero's New Clothes are given to Link instead of the Hero's Clothes. They are invisible, so Link wears his blue shirt with the crawfish on it and orange pants for the remainder of the game. It is possible that the The Hero's New Clothes is actually an allusion towards the story The Emperors New Clothes this is implied when Link's grandmother states "You have to be honest to see them, can't you see them" (not the exact quote). A better approximation: "They are made of a special fabric that only the honest can see. Why the long face? You can see them can't you?"
    • Near the beginning of the game, Tetra (the pirate girl) asks about the clothes ("Wow. What's with that get-up?"). It's possible that this is an error in the game (the same dialog is used regardless of the clothes), but it can also be interpreted that Tetra is the only person to notice the clothes (which is somewhat plausible, considering Tetra's later role in the game), other than Zill, the boy with a runny nose. Link's sister also mentions about the clothes, but it is unclear whether she actually sees them ("I guess they're pretty neat, though!").
    • The Deku Tree also comments how Link's appearance reminds him of the Hero of Time, even when Link appears in the crabfish shirt.
  • The Iron Boots (Heavy Boots) are different from the Iron Boots (Heavy Boots) of Ocarina of Time. They are equippable to a button rather than on the equipment screen and they will come off when you go in water. Though they make you unable to walk very fast, they let you activate springs by putting them on and then taking them off while standing on a spring, and they weigh you down so you can't get blown away by wind, which is helpful in the Wind Temple. The Iron Boots are found on Ice Ring Isle.

Dungeon Items edit

  • Dungeon Maps are used to guide you through the dungeon. They show you what rooms you have and haven't been in, and the room you currently are in flashes. When you have the compass, the treasure chests are shown on the map.
  • The compass shows you where all the treasure chests are, and where the dungeon boss is. It also shows which door you came through to get into the room, and where you are in the room on the map at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • A small key unlocks locked doors in the dungeon, but they can only be used in the dungeon you find them in.
  • The big key is needed to open the door to the boss's lair.

Charts edit

  • Treasure Charts are used to find sunken treasure in the sea. You must be in your boat and when you are almost right above a sunken treasure chest, use the grappling hook to pull it up and open it. There are more than 35.
  • The IN-credible Chart is automatically sent to you by Tingle some time after you have freed him from his jail cell on Windfall Island. It shows the locations of all of the Triforce Charts and later on it shows where the Triforce Shards are located. It has a C.O.D. of 201 rupees.

Quest Charts edit

Beedle's Chart shows you which sectors Beedle's ship sells at.

The Great Fairy Chart shows where all of the Great Fairies are located.

The Ghost Ship Chart is obtained in the cavern on Diamond Steppe Island. It shows where the Ghost Ship currently is, which changes according to the moon phase.

The Island Hearts Chart shows which islands have hidden Pieces of Heart, and how many.

The Light Ring Chart shows which islands have mysterious rings of light on the ocean at night. These light rings, in clusters of five, have sunken treasure under them.

The Octo Chart shows where all the big octos are in the sea, and how many eyes they have.

The Platform Chart shows which sectors have skull platforms, tall platforms on the sea with enemies on top, and how many.

The Sea Hearts Chart shows which sectors have sunken Pieces of Heart, and how many.

The Secret Cave Chart shows the locations of all the secret carverns throughout the sea.

The Submarine Chart shows where all seven of the submarines are.

Tingle's Chart, though badly drawn, shows where Tingle Island is and shows you where all the wallet upgrade fairies are.

Miscellaneous edit

  • Pirate's Charm is actually a chunk of a gossip stone that lets you communicate with another person. Tetra and the King of Red Lions use it to talk to Link.
  • Power Braclets give Link enough strength to lift huge stone heads. Found in Fire Mountain.
  • The Telescope is the first item (beside Hero's Clothes) that you get. You receive it from Aryll as a birthday present. It does not have many uses, as there aren't many times Link has to view things from afar, but spotting clusters of seagulls(the mark of a hidden Big Octo) might be one use.
  • Though the King of Red Lions is a boat, he does not have a Sail. You must buy it from Zunari on Windfall Island for 80 rupees. Use it to sail around the Great Sea.
  • The Tingle-Tuner is given to Link from Tingle as gratitude for freeing him from jail. Hook up a Gameboy Advance to your Gamecube and Tingle will give you advice, and offer to sell you items at exorbitant fees.
  • The Elixir Soup, which is arguably the best item in the entire series, restores all health and magic power, and doubles your attack strength until you take damage. It can be obtained from Link's grandmother after she is cured of illness with a fairy.
  • Get the Picto Box by crawling though the small tunnel in Tingle's cell. It saves up to three black and white pictures at a time. Once you beat the game and start a second quest, you will get the Deluxe Picto Box automatically, which takes color pictures. However, it can be acquired on the first play through by completing tasks for Lenzo, the photographer on Windfall Island.
  • The Skull Hammer (Hammer) is needed to push down giant "plunger" switches. You can either slam it down or swing it around, depending on how you use it. You obtain it after you beat Phantom Ganon in the Forsaken Fortress.
  • On top of the Great Deku Tree is the Deku Leaf. Its primary use is to float on the wind and fly through the air, but is also used to blow gusts of air. It uses magic.
  • The Hero's Charm shows the health level of the enemy you L- Target. You receive it after you give forty joy pendants to the school teacher, Mrs. Marie.
  • The Magic Armor (Magic Shield) is actually Nayru's Love, which was owned by the Hero of Time. It prevents you from losing health, but uses your magic. Obtain it after Zunari's stall stocks 3 items (The Town Flower and any two others).
  • Heart Pieces are found throughout the Great Sea. Once you get four, you get a Heart Container which adds to your Life Energy.
  • Heart Container are obtained after you beat a boss. They raise your Life Energy level by one heart.
  • Bottles can be found throughout the Great Sea. They can hold many things, including water, fairies and potions.

Bottle Locations:

  • From Medli near the entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern
  • Submarine in the center of Bomb Island Sector.
  • Buy from Beedle at Rock Spire Island for 500 rupees
  • Get from Mila on Windfall Island after catching her in the act of stealing from Zunari's shop.
  • The Wind Waker (Takt of Wind) is a musical instrument used by the Hero of the Winds to conduct the winds. In olden times, it was used to conduct people who prayed to the gods.

Wind Waker Songs edit

The Wind Waker has 6 different songs to conduct:

  • Wind's Requiem (Song of Wind) (Up, Left, Right) Conduct the wind's direction.
  • Ballad of Gales (Song of Gales) (Down, Right, Left, Up) Transport you across the sea.
  • Command Melody (Song of Manipulation) (Left, Neutral, Right, Neutral) Control certain objects/people
  • Earth God's Lyric (Earth God's Song) (Down, Down, Neutral, Right, Left, Neutral) Awaken the blood in Medli to show her she's the Earth Sage & break earth tablets (With Medli).
  • Wind God's Aria (Wind God's Song) (Up, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right) Awaken the blood in Makar to show him he's the Wind Sage and break wind tablets (With Makar).
  • Song of Passing (Song of Day & Night) (Left, Right, Down) Change night into day and vice-versa.