The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap/Weapons and items

This is a list of weapons and other items for the game The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Description of ItemsEdit

Many items are needed to perform different tasks and solve puzzles, and can sometimes be used as weapons, in addition to Link's sword, shield, bow, bombs and boomerang.

Special ItemsEdit

Following are descriptions of special items found in The Minish Cap. These must be used actively by the player to have any effect. Some of them double as weapons.

The Gust Jar
  • Gust Jar: a magic jar which can suck in air then shoot it out. Link can use it to bring objects closer to him and suck in enemies. The longer you hold the button, the farther it will shoot the air when you release the button.
  • Roc's Cape: a cape allowing Link to jump to dodge attacks and avoid traps. He can also learn to thrust down to enemies with his sword while jumping.
  • Mole Mitts: clawed gloves which Link uses to dig through soft ground and walls.
  • Flame Lantern: a lantern found in numerous Zelda games, this item is used to illuminate dark locations, as well as to melt ice.
  • Pegasus Boots: magic boots which grant the bearer the ability to run four times the speed of a regular man.
  • Cane of Pacci: a magic staff used to flip objects over and to allow Link to jump very high out of some small holes.
  • Ocarina of Winds: a magical ocarina that calls a bird called Zeffa, who brings you to any wind crest you have activated.

Item UpgradesEdit

In The Minish Cap, Link can acquire upgraded versions of his weaponry items. Although he uses only two different swords during the game, the second one, The White Sword gains power as Link imbues it with elemental power along his quest (see plot summary below).

  • Magic Boomerang: a boomerang that the player can make change direction.
  • Light Arrows: stronger than normal arrows but only when charged up before you use them.
  • Remote Bombs: bombs that explode when the player presses the bombs button. Only one can be out at a time, instead of the 3 normal bombs.
  • Mirror Shield: a stronger shield that can reflect projectiles.
  • White Sword: the sacred blade reforged, only without the elements to power.
  • Four Sword: the white sword powered up by the four elements, link can use its power to split into four at glowing panels.


Bottles can be used to store various items and carry them wherever you go. It is required to have at least one bottle to complete the game. Link can find up to 4 bottles in the game. Items stored in bottles:

  • Lon Lon Milk: used twice, heals 5 hearts each time.
  • Water: used either to grow beans.
  • Mt. Crenel Spring Water: used to grow special beans which don't like regular water.
  • Blue Potion: used to heal 10 hearts.
  • Red Potion: used to heal 20 hearts.
  • Fairies: used to heal 4 hearts.
  • Din's Charm: used to double strength for a while.
  • Nayru's Charm : used to double Defense for a while.
  • Farore's Charm: used to raise Strength and Defense for a while.
  • Red Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding hearts.
  • Green Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding Mysterious shells.
  • White Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding Kinstone pieces.
  • Blue Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding items.
  • Yellow Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding rupees.
  • Orange Picolyte: used to increase the chance of finding fairies.

Permanent ItemsEdit

The following items permanently grant Link abilities he needs to fulfill his quest:

  • Power Bracelet: unlike power bracelets from other Zelda games, the power bracelet gives you strength to move objects too big when you are a minish.
  • Grip Ring: a ring allowing you to climb mountains.
  • Flippers: flippers that are used to swim.


The following are item holders:

  • Quiver: used to keep arrows.
  • Bomb Bag: used to keep bombs/remote bombs.
  • Kinstone Bags: used to collect kinstones.
  • Wallet: used to carry rupees.

Permanent Upgrade ItemsEdit

  • Pieces of Hearts: 4 heart containers gives you a full heart container.
  • Tiger Scrolls: describes the technique learnt by the different masters.
  • Red Joy Butterfly: lets you fire your arrows faster with the Bow.
  • Blue Joy Butterfly: lets you swim faster with the Flippers.
  • Green Joy Butterfly: lets you dig faster with the Mole Mitts.

Other ItemsEdit

The following are other items not described in the previous sections.

  • Mysterious Shells: used to trade for figurines.

Location of ItemsEdit

Basic ItemsEdit

  • Smith's Sword: given by your grandfather
  • Small Shield: given by Princess Zelda at the festival
  • Bow: found at Castor Wilds
  • Boomerang: bought for 300 rupees at Stockwell's Shop
  • Bombs: given by picori in the minish woods

Special ItemsEdit

  • Gust Jar: found in Deepwood Shrine
  • Roc's Cape: found in Palace of Winds
  • Mole Mitts: found in Fortress of Winds
  • Flame Lantern: found in Temple of Droplets
  • Pegasus Boots: found in the Shoe Shop
  • Cane of Pacci: found in Cave of Flames
  • Ocarina of Winds: found in Fortress of Winds

Item UpgradesEdit

  • Magic Boomerang: found by fusing stones with all 4 Tingles siblings then going down the ladder that appeared from activating the swithes in the cave below where Vaati's Spear Moblins ambushed you.
  • Light Arrows: given by Gregal (the sick man in the Wind Tribe's house if you suck the ghost making him sick into the gust jar before getting to the wind tribe's house the correct way (without using the portal that appeared from fusing kinstones with the guy from a faraway place in hyruletown).
  • Remote Bombs: after fusing stones with the elder of the Minish Village in Minish Woods talk to the Minish who gave you bombs.
  • Mirror Shield: complete the Goron quest and fuse with one of the Gorons. Then you beat the game (the Biggoron will ask you to do something important). When you return, let Biggoron chew on your shield. Then go buy a new one. Come back to the big guy every once in a while until he gives you the Mirror Shield. If you ever lose it, buy a new shield and let him eat it.
  • White Sword: talk to the Melari in the mining city after the 2nd dungeon.
  • Four Sword: after you have all the elements, go to the Elemental Santuary.


  • Bottle 1: bought from business scrub in Trilby highlands for 20 rupees.
  • Bottle 2: found in Stockwell's shop and is kept after feeding his dog
  • Bottle 3: fuse kinstones with your grandfather and a bottle shall appear in Lon Lon Ranch.
  • Bottle 4: after finishing Goron Quest.

Bottled ItemsEdit

  • Lon Lon Milk: bought for 100 rupees from Malon in Hyrule.
  • Water: anywhere with water.
  • Mt. Crenel Spring Water: Mt. Crenel
  • Potions: sold by the witch in Minish Woods. Red is activated when you fuse with picori in southern Hyrule Field.
  • Fairies: in bushes, dungeons, caves and many other places.
  • Charms: only possible to get 2 out of 3 charms. Given for free after the Nayru, Din or Farore moves into a house.(Get Farors because it raises both your attack and defence, not to mention turns you purple.)
  • Picolytes: bought in Hyrule Town Market if you cleaned the dust off with your Gust Jar.

Permanent ItemsEdit

  • Power Bracelets: found in mini-dungeon during the book quest
  • Grip Rings: bought for 40 rupees from business scrub on Mt. Crenel
  • Flippers: found in the mini-dungeon after you returned all the overdue library books.

Permanent Upgrade ItemsEdit

  • Red Joy Butterfly: After kinfusing with Din, catch it in the Wind Ruins.
  • Blue Joy Butterfly: After kinfusing with Nayru, catch it in the Royal Valley Graveyard.
  • Green Joy Butterfly: After kinfusing with Farore, catch it in the Castor Wilds.

Ammunition HoldersEdit

  • Quiver: received with bow.
  • Bomb Bag: received with bombs.

Wallet, Quiver and Bomb Bag UpgradesEdit


  • Basic: can carry 100 rupees.
  • Upgrade 1: bought at Hyrule after Festival for 80 rupees. Can carry 300 rupees.
  • Upgrade 2: found at Minish Woods by using the Cane of Pacci in a Hole in at Eastern Hills when you visit the Great Fairy. Can carry 500 rupees.
  • Upgrade 3: after fusing with mayor of Hyrule, go to Lon Lon Ranch. Can carry 999 rupees.

-Note: these upgrades do not give you more rupees.

Link playing the Ocarina of Winds


  • Basic: can carry 30 arrows.
  • Upgrade 1: bought in Stockwell's Shop for 600 rupees. Can carry 50 arrows.
  • Upgrade 2: found in Royal Valley when you visit the Great Fairy. Can carry 70 arrows.
  • Upgrade 3: kinfuse with Minish in Wind Ruins, and a giant plant will grow. Can carry 99 arrows.

Bomb BagEdit

  • Basic: can carry 10 bombs.
  • Upgrade 1: found in Mt. Crenel when you visit the Great Fairy. Can carry 30 bombs. To make the fairy appear, throw a bomb into the fountain.
  • Upgrade 2: kinfuse with Beleri and open chest in Wind Ruins. Can carry 50 bombs.
  • Upgrade 3: can't be found in the European version. However, it can be bought at the shop in other versions, also can be found in wind ruins in a chest. Can hold 99 bombs.