The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Goron City

As you continue up the trail, you will come to a place where the path opens up. A wide, steep path leads to the left, and a small path leads to the right. The left path, which leads to Death Mountain summit, is blocked by boulders. It is impassable to you at the moment, so head to the right. The path begins to descend, and you'll pass a circular group of stones. Beyond them is the entrance to Goron City.

The entrance to Goron City.

Getting to Goron City


When you have made it up the ridge of Death Mountain and can see the entrance to Goron City, take a left to find a ledge where a Goron and a bomb flower sit. You'll notice that the fence near the bomb flower is lower than the rest of the fence. Backflip over this part to fence and you'll be able to land on the ledge where the Piece of Heart sits. Note: This may be easier later once you are able to move the bomb flower out of your way. There is an alternative method you can use much later in your quest as well.

Work your way up the trail to reach Goron City. You can talk to the various Gorons you meet here to hear of their plight. They'll tell you that Ganondorf has sealed up the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. That's where the Gorons get their food. Ganondorf has said that he won't remove the boulder until the Gorons give him the Goron's Ruby. On the way up, watch out for a rather wild Goron rolling down the hill.

Most of this area is impossible to reach without bombs, so it's a straightforward path to Goron City, but you can get one Piece of Heart if you're crafty. After having a chat with the Gorons, head inside Goron City to meet Darunia.

Goron City

The vast cavernous interior of Goron City.

Once inside Goron City, you can talk to many Gorons who are scattered throughout. Most of them will tell you about how hungry they are and go back to sleeping. Head to the bottom floor of this cavern by finding the steps on each floor, or by just jumping down from the top.

The living quarters of the leader of the Gorons, Darunia.

Darunia, the head Goron, has locked himself in his room at the lowest level of Goron City.

After arriving at the door you'll notice a mat with the symbol of the Hylian Royal Family in front of it. As with every encounter with this symbol, as a royal emissary, you should play Zelda's Lullaby to proceed. After the music is played, the door will open on its own. However, when you speak to Darunia inside, you find that he is in an awful mood. He refuses to explain the problem. He claims that it is a "Goron problem" and should not be discussed with Hylians.

If you play Saria's Song to Darunia to sooth his anger he will then give you the Goron's Bracelet which allows you to carry heavy objects such as the fruit of the bomb flower. This is important because a bomb flower is required to blow up the large boulder blocking Dodongo's Cavern.


Livening Up Goron City

Goron City Shop
Item Quantity Rupees
Bombs 5 25
Bombs 10 50
Bombs 20 80
Bombs 30 120
Goron Tunic 1 200
Red Potion 1 40
Recovery Heart 1 10
Recovery Heart 1 10

After speaking with Darunia, go outside. The Goron outside says that Goron City is exciting when the fires are lit. You use a Deku Stick with the fires in Darunia's room to light the other torches. This causes the central jar to rotate. It also provides you with sources of fire which you can use to light Bomb Flowers. Light the bomb flowers on the lowest level and a doorway opens up. Inside is a Goron Shop, although there isn't much you're interested in right now.

A Goron on the second level says that all Gorons enjoy the music he hears coming from the passage near him. You notice boulders blocking the passage, but also bomb flowers growing around the boulders. Using a Deku Stick, take fire to one of the flowers. The passage is now clear. Upon entering, you find yourself in the Lost Woods.

With the pot now rotating around the lower floor go to the second level, throw a Bomb Flower into the top of the spinning pot to stop it. It will stop showing one of three faces, depending on what time you threw the bomb flower in. Alternatively you can wait until after you get bombs from Dodongo's Cavern and use them instead. If the pot stops on 'happy', a Piece of Heart will fly out.