The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Gerudo Training Grounds

The Gerudo Training Grounds is a totally optional dungeon that can be accessed after you obtain the Gerudo's Token. To enter the dungeon, talk to the Gerudo woman in white who is standing outside of a blocked gate (not the big closed gate that leads to the Desert Colossus; a smaller one that leads into the Gerudo Fortress main building). If you pay her a small fee of ten Rupees, she will open the gate, allowing you to enter the Gerudo Training Grounds. Each time you leave the dungeon, you will have to pay ten Rupees to get in again, so it's better to do it in one fell swoop, once you have the required items. If you complete the Gerudo Training Grounds you will get another Magic Arrow, the Ice Arrow. Like the Fire Arrow that you obtained after beating the Water Temple, the Ice Arrow uses up a small amount of magic power, and it temporarily freezes enemies on contact.

In order to fully complete the dungeon, you need all of the items from all of the Temples (and the Lens of Truth and the Iron Boots), and it is recommended that you have the Fire Arrows, as well. However, in order to get the Ice Arrows, you only need the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple, the Megaton Hammer from the Fire Temple, and the Longshot from the Water Temple (and also the Iron Boots). It is also recommended that you obtain the Lens of Truth and the Fire Arrows, but it is technically possible to get the Ice Arrows without them.

There are a total of 9 keys in this dungeon, but you only need 7 to complete it.



You'll arrive in the large main room, with three doors leading inside the level. The middle door leads to the treasure of this temple, but you'll need to collect the small keys hidden in this level if you wish to collect it. The other two doors lead to the various challenges.

The visible treasure chest to your left contains a blue rupee. Turn around and shoot an arrow at the eye switch above the entrance to make another treasure chest appear to your right (it contains arrows). You can also play the song of storms for a pink fairy to appear in the center of the room. Go to the left and open the door to start the challenges. For every challenge, you'll get a short message on what to do.

You can go to the right too to complete the challenges in reverse order, but this requires the Scarecrow's Song.

First room


You have a time limit of one minute. Walk forward and two Stalfos appear to challenge you. Walk to the right to get out of the sand, as staying in the sand will render you largely immobile. You can try to pick off the two Stalfos with arrows or wait until they come to you. Once they're dead, a treasure chest with a small key will appear. Open it, then go to the next room.

Second room


You have a time limit of 1:30 minutes to collect all five silver rupees.

  • The first one is right above you as the message appears. Use the Hookshot on the target to get it (it might take some tries).
  • The second one is reachable by another Hookshot target at the front. Latch yourself to it, then jump off the cliff to grab the silver rupee floating in mid-air.
  • For the third one, go to the left from the entrance. Wait until the rolling boulder has passed (watch out for the Wallmaster), then go to the left and get the silver rupee there.
  • After getting the previous one, turn around and run all the way up to get the third one. Again, wait somewhere for the rolling boulder to pass.
  • The last silver rupee is in a passage to the right. If you try to go directly to it, a flame wall will stop your progress - run around by taking the second passage to the right to avoid it.

After getting all silver rupees, the door will open. To find it, go to where the second silver rupee was and look forward. There's another flame wall here, use the Hookshot target behind it to go through it.

Third room


As you enter the room, a Wolfos will appear. Move forward and a second one appears. Take care of both, then run to the back of the room to make two White Wolfos appear, kill them as well to make a treasure chest appear (it contains arrows). Destroy the fake door if you wish, then use the Lens of Truth to notice a hidden alcove. Use the Hookshot to pull yourself inside, and step on the switch to open a hidden door. Go back to the room and use the Silver Gauntlets to push the large block forward, then open the door behind it.

Fourth room


This room is full of Like-Likes. You can use Fire Arrows on them. Kill them all and several treasure chests appear in the room. The one on top of the pedestal just freezes you, the other two contain a blue and a gold rupee, respectively. Look in the pit which has no treasure chest and use the Lens of Truth to discover an invisible treasure chest containing a small key. Afterwards, return to the third room, go into the hidden alcove again and open the door there to go to the next room.

Fifth room


You'll start on a high ledge. Jump down onto the circular platform to get your objective. You have to shoot arrows into the eyes of the statue so they're red while the circular platform spins around. You'll have to shoot all eyes in one go, but you have unlimited tries. This objective requires quite careful aiming, once you've managed to do it, the door will unlock and a treasure chest will appear in front of the statue, jump over to open it and to collect a small key.

If you learned the Scarecrow's Song, you can use it to make a Scarecrow appear which takes you to the top, if you didn't, jump into the lava to reappear at where you entered the room. Go around and enter the just unlocked door. There, open the single treasure chest for another small key, then return to the previous rooms and go through the door at the lower level.

Sixth room


There's no time limit here either. Kill all the Torch Slugs and Fire Keese wandering around, this will open the door to the next room and make a treasure chest appear (it contains arrows). Equip the Megaton Hammer and smash the blocks to the right of the treasure chest to make an eye switch appear, hitting it unlocks the door to the previous room. Go to the right and smash the single block there to uncover a switch, step on it to make the fire in the center go out, open it to get a small key. You're done here, so continue to the next room.

Seventh room


You'll have to collect the five silver rupees here. This time there's no time limit, but falling into the large lava pit forces you to restart. You might want to have Hover Boots for this room.

  • The first silver rupee is right in front of you, suspended in mid-air. To get it, run past it and turn around to notice a Hookshot target, use it to get the silver rupee.
  • Jump down to the first pillar to collect the second silver rupee (it's a tricky jump).
  • By jumping across the pillars, you can get the third and fourth silver rupees the same way.
  • Jump in front of the unreachable ledge and Navi will turn green. Play the Song of Time here to make blocks appear which allow you to climb up to the ledge. At the top, you'll find a small key out in the open. Jump off to the left and you'll find a switch which deactivates the fire engulfing the last silver rupee on the other side. Step on it, then quickly jump across to collect it.

Collecting all five silver rupees will open the door at the side. Jump into the lava to return to the entrance, then go across and go through the door you can also longshot torch.

Note: Where there is a small key out in the open is an opening to get to treasure room that is where you need all 9 small keys to get through that way.

Eighth room


The floor is covered by Song of Time blocks. Step in front of them and play the Song of Time to make the blocks disappear, this reveals an underwater room. Equip the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic and dive down, where you'll find another Silver Rupee puzzle. You'll probably want to kill all the Shell Blades as they like to cause trouble.

The first silver rupee is right in the center of the room (watch out for the spike there, though). To collect the others, use the provided Hookshot targets and line yourself up with the silver rupees. You could also try swimming around with the Kokiri Boots, but that is harder as this room is actually a whirlpool and takes you around. Once you've collected all the silver rupees, a treasure chest will appear, resurface and open it to get a small key. Go back to the previous room, and go to the left to get to the last room.

Ninth room


You get 1:30 of time to destroy all the enemies. Throw a bomb in the middle of the room to take care of the Beamos, afterwards, bother with the two Dinolfos. Going to the edge of the room will make flame walls appear, so try to not get cornered. Once all the enemies are dead, a treasure chest will appear, open it to get a small key.

Go through the door and you'll return at the entrance room. You now have all the small keys you need, so go through the center door to get to the treasure room.

Treasure room


Note: There are chests in this room that contain items like Bombchus, arrows, and rupees.

Go to the left and open the first locked door. Use the Lens of Truth here and look up to notice a gap in the ceiling. Use the wire to climb up, and open the treasure chest there to get the last small key. Now, go down and open all the doors to get to the treasure chest in the middle which contains the treasure of this place - the Ice Arrows, a magical arrow which freezes most enemies it touches. You've now completed this place, so you can leave.