The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Light World

During Link's time, the vast Light World included a variety of terrain and climates, ranging from a desert in the southwest to a swamp in the south to foreboding mountains in the north. Society centered around Hyrule Castle, near the center of the land. Bridges and well-traveled paths connected the different areas, and innkeepers, shopkeepers, blacksmiths, and lumberjacks plied their trades in Hyrule, much as they did in neighboring lands at the time.

  • Hyrule Castle: Hyrule's royal family occupied Hyrule Castle, which was built of huge stones quarried by Hylian subjects.
  • The Lost Woods: The Lost Woods are inhabited by pesky thieves who prey upon any travelers who happen into the area.
  • Kakariko Village: Cottages line the quaint cobbled streets in this village, and a large weathercock stands in its park.
  • Eastern Palace: The architecture of the Eastern Palace is modest in comparison to Hyrule Castle. It is guarded night and day by Armos Knights.
  • The Great Swamp: Crumbing ruins in the Great Swamp attest to the existence of an earlier civilization there.
  • The Desert of Mystery: A stone monument that leads to the entrance of the Desert Palace is inscribed with ancient pictographs.
  • Lake Hylia: In some places, Lake Hylia is very shallow, but in others it is too deep to measure. Unpredictable currents and Zora's Spawn make it unsafe for most swimmers.
  • Death Mountain: The highest point in Hyrule is Death Mountain in the north. Mountain climbers come from all over to test their skills here, but few have reached the summit.