The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 2/Dungeon 3


  • Obtain the Magic Boomerang.
  • Beat three Dodongos.
  • Obtain a Heart Container.
  • Obtain the third Triforce piece.






Dungeon walkthrough


The entrance to this dungeon can be found where the entrance to the second dungeon used to be in the first quest. The walkthrough for this dungeon is broken up in to two distinct parts; getting the Magic Boomerang, and getting the Triforce. If you are getting the Magic Boomerang, you need to bring Monster Bait to feed the hungry Goriya. If you don't have Monster Bait, you can still complete the dungeon by collecting the key, and heading to the boss room.

  • From the entrance head to the room above, fight past the Goriyas, and enter the next room above. Fight the Ropes and obtain a set of bombs.
  • Enter the next room above, and defeat all of the blue Goriyas to obtain the map and open the doors above.
  • Enter the next room above and fight the sword throwing Stalfos to obtain a key.
  • Go through the door above and provide the grumbling Moblin with the Monster Bait to gain passage to room above.
  • Defeat the Goriyas in the top most room to obtain the Magic Boomerang.
  • Return to the room above the entrance and unlock the door to the right to fight the boss of the dungeon.


Triforce Room

This is the only dungeon in either quest whose boss room is not adjacent to the Triforce room.

  • The bosses of the dungeon are three Dodongos. Defeat them in the usual manner, either by feeding them two bombs, or blowing up a bomb in their face and stabbing them. Collect the Heart Container when you beat all of them.

Walkthrough (continued)

  • Unlock the door below. Hang out next to the wall and defeat all of the Wall Masters that come out. Collect the compass and push the center block along the right side to reveal a stairwell.
  • Take the stairs to the underground passage, and arrive at the bottom of the isolated section of the map.
  • Defeat all of the Goriyas in the room to open the door above and obtain the third piece of the Triforce.


  • Replacement shields and Monster Bait are southeast of the entrance.
  • Bombs are north of the southeastern most point.