The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 2/Dungeon 1

Objectives edit

  • Obtain the Wooden Boomerang.
  • Beat Aquamentus.
  • Obtain a Heart Container.
  • Obtain the first Triforce piece.

Walkthrough edit

Pre-requisites edit


Dungeon Walkthrough edit

The entrance to this dungeon is found in the same place as the first dungeon in the first quest. For this dungeon, the middle section is optional, providing a spare key, some bombs and a map (which requires expending said bombs). This walkthrough will only cover the rooms necessary to clear the level.

  • From the entrance, enter the right room. Defeat the Goriyas here to obtain the Wooden Boomerang.
  • Bomb the top wall to reveal a passage. Go through the passage and defeat the Keeses. When the room is cleared, push the left most block to gain access to the underground passage.
  • Take the passage and you will arrive towards the top of the dungeon. Defeat the Wall Masters here and obtain a key to unlock the left door.
  • Travel left and defeat all of the blue Goriyas. Bomb the top wall to expose a path to the boss of the dungeon.

Boss edit

  • The boss is Aquamentus. You must strike him in the head six times with the Wooden Sword or three times with the White Sword. Time your strikes between the energy orbs that he emits from his horn. Only the Magical Shield will absorb the energy orbs. Link will receive damage if he tries to block them with the Wooden shield.
  • Defeat him to earn a Heart Container. Enter the room to the right to obtain the first Triforce piece.

Resupply edit

  • If you have a Ladder or Whistle, look for a medicine woman either one screen east and two screens north, or two screens east and one screen north.
  • Full healing can be found two screens east, and is accessed by following the southern detour.
    • From the fairy pool, one screen southeast sells bombs.
  • A Magic Shield may be purchased in the store southwest of the dungeon.