The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 1/Dungeon 9

Objectives edit

You should accomplish five objectives in this order:

  1. Get the Map.
  2. Obtain the Red Ring (it is more important than the map, but the map is on the way).
  3. Get the Compass.
  4. Obtain the Silver Arrows.
  5. Defeat Ganon, get the Triforce of Power and rescue Princess Zelda.

Walkthrough edit

File:LZ1 Dungeon 9 parts.png
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To enter this dungeon, find the entrance at Spectacle Rock. Many of the rooms in this dungeon are unnecessary to enter, or have one way doors, so this walkthrough will focus strictly on the rooms that are necessary.

The dungeon can be divided into four parts. These are interconnected by underground passages only (except for a one-way door that sends back from part 3 to part 2).

Hints from the old men
  1. "Go to the next room": the room to the left conceals the stairwell to the next part; the only way to access it is to bomb the left wall in this room.
  2. "Eyes of skull has the secret": with reference to the in-game map, the room with the compass corresponds to one eye of the skull; when you get the compass, it shows that Princess Zelda is in the room corresponding to the other eye.
  3. "Patra has the map": by the time you're told this, you should already have defeated the Patra holding the map.

Get the map, Red Ring, and compass edit

Part 1
  • From the entrance head up one room where you might encounter a man who will prevent you from entering if you have not collected all eight pieces of the Triforce. If you have them, you may proceed and enter to the room above.
  • In the room with Zols and Like-Likes, bomb the left wall and enter the passage. Defeat the two red Lanmolas and push the leftmost block to enter the staircase to the first underground passage.
Part 2
  • You will arrive towards the top of the dungeon. Unlock the door to the right and fight the Wizzrobes.
  • Enter the room to the right and fight the Patras.
  • Enter the room below, full of Gels, and bomb the right wall. Go through the passage to find another Patra and obtain a Map.
  • From the map, bomb the top wall, go through the passage, and bomb the top wall again. Defeat all of the Wizzrobes, and push the leftmost block to access the staircase. Take the stairs and obtain the Red Ring.
  • Walk back to room S-2, bomb the bottom wall and enter the room below. Bomb the bottom wall again, and enter a dark room with Wizzrobes where you can obtain the Compass.

Obtain the Silver Arrows edit

Return through the bombed pathways two rooms above where you got the compass. Return to the room with the very first Patra (if you went for the ring). Unlock the door above and listen to the advice of the man within by bombing the left wall. Defeat all of the Wizzrobes in the left room, and push the left block to reveal a stairwell.

Part 3
  • Descend down the stairs through the second underground passage, and arrive towards the bottom of the dungeon. Defeat the Zols, unlock the left door, fight the Keeses, and go through the left door to encounter another Patra.
  • Defeat this Patra and push the leftmost block to access the stairs. Take this underground passage and you will arrive by the upper left corner of the dungeon. Bomb the north wall to reveal a passage and travel through it.
  • Defeat all of the Wizzrobes and push the central block along the right side to reveal of staircase. Take the stairs to find the vital Silver ArrowsFile:LOZ1 Silver Arrow.png which are needed to defeat Ganon.

Find Ganon edit

  • Return to the bottom room, and defeat all of the Wizzrobes in order to take the underground passage back to the Patra room. From the Patra room, head to the room above.
  • Defeat all of the Like-Likes to enter the room to the left. Defeat the Zols and unlock the door above. Defeat the Wizzrobes and unlock the next door above. Defeat the Wizzrobes here, and push the left most block to reveal a staircase underneath one of the traps. Trigger the trap and access the staircase.
Part 4
  • Take the underground passage, and arrive towards the top center of the dungeon. Bomb the left wall, kill all the enemies there and push the left block.
  • Now take the staircase down to the final underground passage, and arrive in a room with Patra eyes directly beneath Ganon. Defeat the Patra to open the door to Ganon.

Boss edit

  • Ganon appears briefly before turning invisible. He travels in small circles firing energy orbs at you. Stab in to the space where you predict that he will be, and if you succeed in hitting him, he will appear for a short while before continuing the pattern. If you hit him four times with the magic sword, you will stun him and he will change color. At this time, you must fire a silver arrow at him to finish him off.
  • Defeat him and recover the Triforce of Power from Ganon's corpse. Continue to the room above and put out the fires with your sword and rescue Princess Zelda.

Resupply edit

  • One screen left of the cave entrance would be a medicine woman.
  • You have to loop around the eastern path, but bombs are found two screens south. A cheap shield is a screen east from this shop but is further away.