The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 1/Dungeon 6

Objectives edit

  • Obtain the Magic Wand.
  • Defeat the Gohma.
  • Obtain a Heart Container.
  • Obtain the sixth Piece of Triforce.

Walkthrough edit

Prerequisites edit

  • Ladder.
  • Bow.
  • Arrow.

Dungeon walkthrough edit

  1. To enter this dungeon, you locate the entrance which is just east of the cemetery.
  2. From the entrance, go right and clear this room of Wizzrobes to obtain a Key. You may use the key to open the door above and listen to a man who has a hint regarding this dungeon's boss's weakness.
  3. Back at the entrance, head left and then enter the room above. Defeat the Zols and obtain the Compass.
  4. From the compass room, head up to the next room and obtain a Key. Head up again and avoid the traps. Head up once again, and you must defeat the Wizzrobes and the Like-Likes to proceed to the next room.
  5. Enter the room above and you will have two options. You can either enter the room above and face a three headed Gleeok. Or you may bomb the right wall which enables you to effectively bypass the Gleeok.
  6. In the room to the right of the Gleeok, you will discover the Map.
  7. From the map room, enter the room above and defeat the Wizzrobes. When the room is cleared, push the left block to reveal a stairwell that leads to the Magic Wand. The right wall of this room can be bombed.
  8. From the map room, the room immediately to the right contains a Key. Beyond this room, you can go up and bomb the left wall, or you can go left and walk through the above door, and you will encounter a man who shares a hint regarding lakes that do not contain fairies.
  9. From the map room once more, head down and collect the key if you haven't already. Head down again and defeat all of the Vires to proceed.
  10. Once the Vire room is cleared, enter the room to the right and defeat the Wizzrobes and Like-Likes. When this room is cleared, push the single block to reveal a staircase to an underground passage that leads to the upper right most room in the map.
  11. From here, enter the room below and obtain a Key. Then enter the room to the left.
  12. From this room, you may travel up or down. The boss is in the room above, while you will only encounter Wizzrobes at a dead end below.

Boss edit

  • The boss is Gohma. Gohma's giant eye is it's weak point, but it is only vulnerable to one weapon: the bow and arrow. Fire an arrow at the eye when it is wide open and exposed to defeat it.
  • Defeat it to earn a Heart Container. Continue on to the room above to obtain the sixth Piece of Triforce.

Resupply edit

  • A woman selling Water of Life is one screen south and one screen east.
  • From there, head one screen north and two screens east for replacement Bombs and Shields.
  • Loop southward to reach the place one eastward screen away to get Monster Bait. Cheaper Shields can be found here as well.