The Legend of Zelda/Controls

NES GameCube Wii Classic Controller Wii Remote Nintendo 3DS Wii U Action
D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad
  • Move Link in the four cardinal directions
  • Highlight a letter for a new save file
  • Select a particular subweapon for B button assignment
Start Start plus plus start plus
  • Bring up the sub-screen menu, where Link can look at the map, change subweapon, etc.
  • Select the character or option which has the heart icon next to it
  • Return from the sub-screen to the normal view
Select X / Y minus minus select / Y minus
  • Pause the action in the game
  • Cycle through available characters or options
A A A 2 A A / X
  • Swing the sword
  • Select the highlighted letter for the name of your character
B B B 1 B / X B / Y
  • Use subweapon
  • Skip one space in the name of your character. Pressing on the eighth space brings the cursor back around to the first
D-Pad (Up) + A D-Pad (Up) + A D-Pad (Up) + A D-Pad (Up) + 2 D-Pad (Up) + A D-Pad (Up) + A / X
  • Quick access to Save Screen from the sub-screen menu (controller 2)
(L + R) + Y
  • Switch between controller 1 and 2