The Legend of Zelda/Cheats

Cheats edit

  • Second Quest: By entering your name as "Zelda" when you start the game, you will immediately begin the Second Quest without having to play the First Quest.
  • Reduce Enemies: If you leave one monster on a screen, no other monsters will respawn, and every time you visit the screen, there will be only one monster.
  • Enemy Change: If a room has a mixture of enemies without locked doors, you can defeat the easy enemies in that room first, leave the room, and then return later. This is useful when dealing with rooms that contain mixed enemies with a Blue Darknut or a Blue Wizzrobe; leave and returning could transform them to weaker enemies.
  • Unlock a Door Without a Key in the First Dungeon: When you enter the first dungeon, immediately leave and come back. The locked door will open.
  • Money Making Game: Immediately to the left of the start screen, there is a rock face that can be bombed to reveal a cave where the money making game can be repeatedly played. If you lose or gain a lot of rupees, press Start to access the weapons screen. Then, on the second controller, press Up + A simultaneously. The game will immediately end, bringing you to the "CONTINUE", "RETRY" or "SAVE" option. If you've lost money, select "RETRY" and you'll be back at the start screen, with your previous rupee count intact. If you've been lucky and gained a lot of rupees, select "SAVE" and you'll go back to the character select screen. In either case, the total number of replays for your character will not advance and you can quickly move back to the money making game to maximize your earnings.
  • Safety Tip: Some of the most difficult dungeon rooms (ones full of Darknuts for instance) can be cleared with minimal to no damage taken. Stand in the doorway, just enough to not go through. If you have full health, step forward and fire sword beams. Otherwise, only enter the room when it is possible to strike and return to safety. Shutter Doors can be cheated in this manner as well. As long as Link doesn't entirely cross the threshold, the door will not close and lock.

NES Game Genie codes edit

AVVLAUSZ Don't take damage from anything [1]
YYKPOYZZ Create character with 8 life hearts [1]
NYKPOYZX Create character with 16 life hearts [1]
SZVXASVK Don't lose rupees when buying [1]
SZNZVOVK Infinite Bombs[1]
ESKUILTA Wear a Blue Ring[1]
OSKUILTA Wear a Red Ring[1]
SZVXASVK All items for free (1 of 2) [1]
AEVEVALG All items for free (2 of 2) [1]

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