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This book was originally written Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD. This book was donated to the wikibooks project in August 2006 by the Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme of the United Nations Development Programme. For further information about the APDIP, see their website at:

The original text of this book, in PDF format can be found at:


  • Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD, conducts research and training on ICT for development issues. He is lead author of Electronic Commerce Policy Issues in the Philippines (1999), e-primer: An Introduction to Electronic Commerce (2000) and e-Government in the Philippines: Benchmarking Against Global Best Practices (2002). Dr. Lallana has also organized and taught at a number of training programs on e-Commerce and e-Government in various Southeast Asian countries. He was Executive Director of the e-ASEAN Task Force from 2000 to 2002.
  • Andrew Whitworth handled the initial conversion and uploading of the text to wikibooks.

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This book has been released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Any person may edit, distribute, or use this book under the terms of that license.