The Final Fantasy Legend/Introduction

It has been said that the tower in the center of the World is connected to Paradise. Dreaming of a life in Paradise, many have challenged the secret of the tower, but no one knows what became of them. Now, there is another who will brave the adventure...
—Taken from the game

The Final Fantasy Legend is a unique roleplaying game for the classic Game Boy. It is actually the first part of Squaresoft's experimental series of SaGa games. This series is known for its use of unconventional gameplay, making it an interesting RPG historically.

The story, although not the focus of the game, tells the tale of an adventurer braving the trials of a tower that supposedly leads to Paradise. This adventure will take him, her, or it through multiple worlds chock full of adventure and 8-bit roleplaying gameplay.

The game was originally released on the Game Boy, and has since been re-released on the WonderSwan Color, Mobile Phone platforms (i-Mode, EZweb, and SoftBank 3G), and the Nintendo Switch.